[THEME][Recovery] TWRP Theme Materialised - Dark / Light / Play [10/11/14]


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  • Recovery gone App: Designed to mimic the look and feel of an Android app.
  • Customisable UI: 15 different accent colors, center clock option, different navbar button layouts...
  • Added functionality: built-in ability to flash image files (recovery, radio, boot), bookmark function for file lists, Aroma File Manager support, theme changer...

Availability and Compatibility

  • Supported TWRP versions: 280X and 281X.
  • Supported screen resolutions: 720x1280, 768x1280, 800x1280, 1080x1920, 1200x1920.
  • The themes will work on any device with the resolution specified in the filename (e.g. "1080.zip" is for FullHD devices).
  • The theme stays compatible with new versions of TWRP until TWRP changelog says otherwise.

About MultiROM Theme

  • MultiROM theme requires a MultiROM recovery.
  • MultiROM themes are only available for portrait orientation.
  • Landscape option is present, but will default back to stock theme.

  1. Downloade das gewünschte Theme und benenne es in ui.zip um.
  2. Öffne auf der SD-Karte (wenn dein Gerät einen internen und externen Speicher hat, verwende den internen!) den TWRP Ordner und erstelle darin einen Ordner names theme, falls noch nicht vorhanden.
  3. Kopiere die ui.zip in den theme Ordner.
  4. Restarte das Recovery
  5. Fertig

Screenshot Gallery

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