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AP - Maskottchen
Ahoi AP-Gmeinde!

Möchte euch hier ein Material Design TWRP Theme vorstellen! ;)
Mein wirklich absolutes Lieblings TWRP THEME. Es gibt so vieles Positives - Aufgeräumtes Menu und Optisch ansprechender usw.! Seht und überzeugt euch selbst!

Aussehen & Info´s:



  • Recovery gone App: Designed to mimic the look and feel of an Android app.
  • Customisable UI: 15 different accent colors, center clock option, different navbar button layouts...
  • Added functionality: built-in ability to flash image files (recovery, radio, boot), bookmark function for file lists, Aroma File Manager support, theme changer...

Availability and Compatibility
  • Supported TWRP versions: 280X and 281X.
  • The themes will work on any device with the resolution specified in the filename (e.g. "1080.zip" is for FullHD devices).
  • The theme stays compatible with new versions of TWRP until TWRP changelog says otherwise.

About MultiROM Theme
  • MultiROM theme requires a MultiROM recovery.
  • MultiROM themes are only available for portrait orientation.
  • Landscape option is present, but will default back to stock theme.

How to install:
  1. Download the theme of your choice and rename it to "ui.zip".
  2. On SD card (if device has internal and external storage, use the internal) open TWRP folder and create a folder called "theme", without capital letters.
  3. Copy ui.zip to theme folder.
  4. Restart to recovery.

Dat ganze dann mal in einfach & Deutsch :)
  • Downloaded das Theme eurer Wahl (Achtet bitte auf eure TWRP Versions Nr. / Auflösung & ob Multi etc.)
  • Kopiert die zip-Datei in den Internen Speicher .../TWRP/theme & nennt sie ui.zip (Falls kein theme Ordner vorhanden - einen erstellen!)
  • Neustart ins Recovery & freuen! :moustach:
  • Falls erwünscht - Backup des Themes-> Nennt eure vorhandene/stock ui.zip einfach back.bak ;)


Screenshot Gallery


Don't create mirrors! If you're going to spread the word, please use this link.

768x1280 Themes Folder

Anleitung für eigene SplashScreens:
Changing the Splash Screen with a Recovery Repack
Resources for creating custom Splash Screens

The Splash Set contains:

  • an SVG file that can be edited using Inkscape
  • Roboto True Type Fonts (install them before you start to edit the SVG)
  • a folder with 1080x1920 sample curtains
Download: Splash Set

Preview: Gallery with sample splash screens created from the SVG

How to replace the stock splash screen
The twrp splash screen is part of the recovery image and can't be changed via the theme.
In order to change the splash, one must unpack the image, replace the splash and then repack the image:
  1. Download and unpack Android Image Kitchen.
  2. Get the recovery image you want to modify from the TWRP download site.
  3. Copy the recovery image to the Image Kitchen folder.
  4. In windows explorer, drag & drop the recovery image on the "unpackimg.bat".
    Unpacking will create two new folders (ramdisk and split_image).
  5. Rename the splash of your choice to "curtain.jpg" and drop it into /ramdisk/res/images.
  6. Hit "repackimg.bat".
    This will create a "image-new.img", which you can then flash away using your preferred method.

How to install a recovery image
  • Use the theme. It now supports direct image flashing from the install page.
  • Via Fastboot. Most useful to know how to (especially in case things go sideways).
  • Via app. For a variety of devices, Flashify has proven to be a good app for flashing recovery images.
  • Alternative apps (can be device specific): SGS4 Flasher, ... (please help me to populate this part)

Collection of Recovery Repacks
If you want to share your recovery repacks, please prepare a post other users can download them from.
This post will then be linked from here.

There is a hurdle though: Only repack collections will be linked (sets that cover all accent colors for a dark or light base version).
Single repacks or single splash screens would be too tedious to track...

Dev Screenshots: https://plus.google.com/photos/113960194834479192494/albums/6073396618927918225?authkey=CMHUt-7j-f7hCA
Das Mint bzw Grün is frei wählbar ;) also Farbwahl im Recovery Menu - Es gibt 3 Versionen des Themes "LIGHT, DARK & PLAY" und diese sind farblich anpassbar. ;)

There is a hurdle though: Only repack collections will be linked (sets that cover all accent colors for a dark or light base version).
Single repacks or single splash screens would be too tedious to track...

Zuletzt bearbeitet:


AP - Maskottchen
All themes updated. Download from folder 281X_v2.

  • Changed size and highlight effect of navigation buttons
  • Added option "show generated backup name" to theme settings (if enabled, the auto generated backup name will be shown on the backup page instead of "(Auto generate)")
  • Changed behaviour of "rename backup" page (current backup name is now auto filled for editing; use swipe left over the keyboard to clear the text input box)
  • Fixed "change color" dialog conflicting with "rebootcheck"
  • Fixed showing CPU temperature not being reset to default (false) when performing "reset defaults"
  • Fixed bookmark function for "install rom" and "flash zip" pages (MultiROM themes only)
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


AP - Maskottchen
All themes updated and MultiROM Play released.

Download from folder 282X. The 282X version is also compatible with TWRP version 2810.

  • Added "View Queue" page: If more than one file is queued for installation, a button will appear that lets you view the queue
  • Made y-values for keyboard placement variables (should help porting the themes)
  • Misc fixes to the keyboard templates
  • Added a delay to "remove theme" function (should prevent occasional hiccups when reloading the stock ui)
  • Improved Aroma FM usage: if screen timeout is set, the value will be temporarily saved, the timeout will be disabled (to prevent Aroma FM not closing correctly), timeout setting will be restored once Aroma FM is closed
  • fixed vertical misalignement on "Verify password" dialog when enabling encryption of backups
  • Play only: fixed Appbar color while running Aroma FM
  • Play only: fixed text highlight colors for partition lists (was generic highlight, is now page specific highlight color)

G Tom

Teammitglied a. D
Danke. Funktionieren wunderbar auf dem Optimus G ;) (selbe Auflösung)

Nutze jetzt dank dem theme twrp.. Komme mit listenansicht besser zurecht als die doofen kacheln
Gesendet von meinem E975 / Optimus G mit Tapatalk


AP - Maskottchen
All themes updated (again).

Download from 283X_v2 folder for your resolution.

  • Added new fix permissions page that came with 2830
  • Added option to wipe encryption on devices running L (also new on 2830)
  • Added the Degree sign to Celsius (thanks to the unicode support that came with 2830)

Also again:
Happy flashing, repacking and christmasing.


AP - Maskottchen
All themes updated.

Download from 283X_v3 folder.

  • XML changed to use "include" logic
  • revised script used for changing the accent color (should work on more devices now), thanks to @KreAch3R
  • added option to integrate the theme into a recovery repack (on "change splash screen" page)
  • added option to theme settings for using an alternative lock screen (with visible slider and larger lock icon)


AP - Maskottchen
All themes updated for 2840

The main challenge for this update was to integrate the native image flashing support while keeping the "old" flashify script as an option.
If you haven't used either of the two yet, here's what differentiates them:

Native image flashing

  • new in TWRP 2840
  • can flash boot and recovery images (as of yet, support for other partitions might come)
  • image size is checked before attempting to flash the respective partition: if the image doesn't fit the partition, flashing will be canceled
  • currently can't be fully integrated into the image repacking process: after the repack has been created, you'll be taken to the "install image" page, where you have to manually select the target partition and confirm the flash
  • flashing takes the blink of an eye (it's fast)

Flashify script
  • has been around since @osm0sis created it
  • can flash boot, recovery and radio partitions
  • is fully integrated into the image repacking process: after the repack has been created, the image will automatically be flashed
  • flashing takes multiple blinks of an eye (the old fast is the new slow)

How to switch between zip and image flashing:
  1. on the "install" page, tab on "install zip" (app bar)
  2. select "install image"
  3. proceed

By default, the theme is set to use the (more secure / faster) native method.
To use the (more versatile / better integrated with the theme) flashify method, enable the option in theme settings.
If in doubt, better use default. (I've learned that while trying to "tweak" kernel settings...)

Full changelog:
  • added support for native image flashing
  • added option to use the "old" flashify script (instead of the native image flashing) to theme settings
  • added a warning dialog to the "include theme in repack" option
  • changed font on app bar from Roboto Regular to Medium
  • built-in theme changer now sets ownership of the ui.zip to media_rw:media_rw (should solve the problem of an "undeletable" ui.zip)
  • removed "back" functionality from arrow icon on "installing zip" page
  • removed "show full multirom version number" option from theme settings (MultiRom themes only: had to drop one option for another, but the info is still present on the "about" page)
  • added recovery / theme version info to the about page (tab on the TWRP logo on main menu...)
  • changed the highlight color on the message window from holo blue to some material green (Play themes only)
  • removed the degree sign from cpu temperature, as it's not being displayed correctly (1080 and 1440 still have it, as Nexus 5 and 6 do show it correctly)
  • 1536 themes released, Nexus 9 is now officially part of the family...

This version 284X_v1 replaces the 2840 version I silently uploaded two days ago!

Download from the 284X_v1.

Bugfix update:

  • fixed flashify script info screen
  • fixed back function for flash image page
  • Added some missing pngs

Download from the 284X_v2 folder for your resolution.
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AP - Maskottchen
All themes updated for TWRP 2850:

  • changed the script used to change the splash screen to work with new recovery file structure
  • added "cancel backup" button
  • during backups, the file progress is now shown on the appbar (next to the partition that is currently beeing backed up, as it's a partition specific value)

Do not use the 285X themes on a 284X recovery. This combination will result in a never ending backup process, that can only be interrupted by a hard reboot.

Download from the 285X_v1 folder for your resolution.

I've just been made aware that the toggle to change the font size is broken.
Using it will make the file list disappear, and it'll only come back after a reboot to recovery.

While the code in my theme hasn't changed, something in TWRP has.
So before I'm going to remove the toggle, I'll wait for the TWRP devs to investigate the issue.

So please do not use the font size toggle for now.

Klickt mal THX ... Das ist das mindeste was man für den Dev machen kann! ;)


AP - Maskottchen
23.03 Update ...
23.03.2015 (286X_v1)
  • corrected positioning and height of headerless lists (due to fixes in the theme engine)
  • corrected positioning of confirmation sliders (due to fixes in the theme engine)
  • added "disable size check" option to backup page
  • added support for monospace ttf in console
  • added support for entering a pattern to decrypt the data partition(only accessible if device is encrypted and the theme is integrated into the image)
  • added DST rules to time zones for USA and Europe
  • ownership of recovery images created during repacking is now set to media_rw:media_rw (should solve the problem of "undeletable" image files)
  • changed position of fab (sits closer to the navbar now)

Und für alle "Anti Recovery Theme" Skeptiker :X3: ... So MUSS ein Recovery aussehen!!!!111einself :P

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