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Ahoi AP-Gmeinde!

Möchte euch hier ein Material Design TWRP Theme vorstellen! ;)
Es gibt so vieles Positives - Aufgeräumtes Menu und Optisch ansprechender usw.! Seht und überzeugt euch selbst!

Aussehen & Info´s:


About Theme

  • Recovery gone App.
  • This is a heavily modified version of the theme by thecoby.
  • Simple and intuitive.
  • Port the theme as much as you like.
  • You use this theme at your own risk.

  • The theme stays compatible with new versions of TWRP until TWRP changelog says otherwise.
  • Theme will work on any device with a resolution of 768x1280.
  • MultiROM theme requires MultiROM recovery.

About MultiROM Theme
  • Based on kitkatish dark theme.
  • This theme is portrait only.
  • Landscape option is present, but will default back to stock theme.
  • MultiROM theme requires MultiROM recovery.

How to use:
  1. Download the theme of your choice and rename it to "ui.zip".
  2. On SD card open TWRP folder and create a folder called "theme", without capital letters.
  3. Copy ui.zip to theme folder.
  4. Restart to recovery.


Dropbox Folder


Standard themes updated for TWRP 2800
  • Added support for color in console
  • Added support for backup / restore progress
  • Sliders for screen / vibration settings now use images (thanks to Tasssadar)
  • Revised script for color changing mechanism (thanks to Modding.MyMind)
  • Added "Decrypt Data" button to mount page (was missing since forever...)
  • Added "enable / disable MTP" buttons to mount page
  • Added "refreshfilesystem" page
  • New .dat fonts with latest version of Roboto
  • Changed font size for rendered labels of main buttons
  • Fixed some minor quirks

MultiROM themes updated
  • Added Sailfish OS support

MultiROM themes updated
  • Added full V27 support (ROM name, animation duration slider, "remove radio.img" button)
  • Changed font to latest version of Roboto
  • Fixed some minor quirks

All themes updated
  • enabled screenshot support (vol- & power)
  • fixed file names not changing when queued zips are flashed
  • reduced font size for text box on "flash image" page for 720/768/800x1280

All themes updated
  • Implemented ability to flash .img files directly from the install page (thanks to @osm0sis for the Flashify script and his help polishing this feature)
  • Reworked color changing mechanism on black/dark/light (thanks to @DSM_ for the idea and the zip binary)
  • Added 3 more highlight colors to black/dark/light
  • Restored default file list behaviour, bookmark function is now optional (enable it in Holofied Settings > Misc)
  • Fixed overlapping text on wipe page (occured on M8 and Skyrocket)
  • Fixed overlapping actionbar buttons on black/dark/light for some resolutions

Dat ganze dann mal in einfach & Deutsch :)

  • Downloaded das Theme eurer Wahl (Achtet bitte auf eure TWRP Versions Nr. / Auflösung & ob Multi etc.)
  • Kopiert die zip-Datei in den Internen Speicher .../TWRP/Themes & nennt sie ui.zip (Falls kein theme Ordner vorhanden - einen erstellen!)
  • Neustart ins Recovery & freuen! :moustach:
  • Falls erwünscht - Backup des Themes-> Nennt eure vorhandene/stock ui.zip einfach back.bak ;)


What's the difference between the dark and the dark_minimal theme?

The minimal themes only have one highlight color (dark holo blue).
The main advantage of the minimal themes is their reduced boot time compared to the multicolor versions.
They're ment to be used as base for porting or creating other single color versions.

Can I use this theme on my *devicename*?

Most likely yes. The themes can be used on any device with the screen resolution the filename of the theme suggests.
For example, the "1080_*variant*.zip" can be used on any FullHD device.

When I reboot to recovery, the theme isn't applied. Any ideas?

This is most likeley due to wrong naming of the theme folder or the ui.zip.
Make sure the folder is named "theme", without capital letters.
Also check if you accidentally renamed the downloaded zip to "ui.zip.zip" (common pitfall when renaming the zip in windows explorer).

When I reboot to recovery, I get a "recovery bootloop". Is my phone broken?

Nope, this is most likeley due to a bad download.
Please download the theme again using another browser or app. For instance, ES File Explorer's build-in downloader has proven to be unreliable for the dropbox links I provide.

I like what you did there, but can I has more/other colorz?

Colors are a matter of personal preferrence. I try to keep the themes neutral, and the colors used are (mostly) in accordance with android design guidelines.
For other colors, you'll have to modify the theme yourself. I will gladly provide the source file for the images to everyone interested.

Will you make a dark/black Play theme?

No, because I don't want to maintain more versions of the theme. But everybody is welcome to contribute to the thread...

Will you help me to port my favourite other theme to device XY?

No. But this guide provides insight on how you can do it.


What version of TWRP is the repack?

Always the latest available for a certain device.
As I don't keep track of all TWRP threads, please remind me if there was an update for your device.

I'd like a repack for *devicename*, how do I make one?

  1. Download and unpack Android Image Kitchen.
  2. Unpack the zip.
  3. Download the zip containing the custom curtains (splash images).
  4. Get the recovery image you want to modify from the TWRP download site.
  5. Copy the recovery image to the Image Kitchen folder.
  6. In windows explorer, drag & drop the recovery image on the "unpackimg.bat".
    Unpacking will create two new folders (ramdisk and split_image).
  7. Rename the splash of your choice to "curtain.jpg" and drop it into /ramdisk/res/images.
  8. Hit "repackimg.bat".
    This will create a "image-new.img", which you can then flash away using your preferred method.
My preferred method for installing the recovery is GooManager, so how do I flash this .img thing?
  • Use the theme. It now supports direct image flashing from the install page.
  • Via Fastboot. Most useful to know how to (especially in case things go sideways).
  • Via app. For a variety of devices, Flashify has proven to be a good app for flashing recovery images. It's under (very) active development and I highly recommend to give it a try.
  • Alternative apps (can be device specific): SGS4 Flasher, ... (please help me to populate this part)

  1. Download this flashable zip.
  2. Flash the zip in recovery.
    It will copy the flashable Aroma FM package to \TWRP\aromafm.
  3. Go to "settings" and tick the option to use Aroma FM.
  4. Profit.

These are repacked with a curtain to match your theme. Always latest TWRP version available (if not, remind me...)
Flash via fastboot or use Flashify from Play store.


Brought to you by @bombadier, download from his original post and don't forget to thank him...




A zip containing all curtains and the SVG file.


Un/Repacking the recovery image:

Use this marvelous .img editing tool by @osm0sis.

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