[ROM][N6][21.12.2014] - Stock Rooted 5.0.1 LRX22 - Stock - Root - Decrypted


Teammitglied a. D
Dort Mund ;)
AS the name implies this is a stock rooted Android 5.0.1 Lollipop ROM!
Encryption is turned off by default!

  • 100% Stock! Not AOSP! Gapps come installed. Its stock!
  • Powered by SuperSU
  • Busybox!
  • FSTRIM on install!
  • init.d Support!
  • Free Tether Hack for all cariers!
  • Decrypted boot.img! (May require User Data Wipe). Can be re-encrypted!
  • No other edits

Q and A - Read it!
  • Q. What are the prerequisites to flash this?
  • A. You must be unlocked with TWRP recovery and latest 5.0.1 based firmware. Other recoveries may work but are not supported.
  • Q. Who is this ROM for?
  • A. Its for the Home-brew enthusiast that wants to make a ROM for themselves. Its for developers that want to build a ROM for the community but may not have access to a complete untouched file set. Its for that guy that forgot to make a Nandroid back up!
  • Q. Who is this ROM not for?
  • A. Crack Flashers. You will not get a flash high from this ROM. Its stock rooted!
  • Q. Why doesn't it have any mods? All the other ROMS have xxxxx
  • A. Its a stock ROM!
  • Q. Is the thether hacked?
  • A. Yes, It should be...
  • Q. Can I still enable Encryption?
  • A. Yep!

  • Remember to update SuperSU Binaries on fresh flash!
  • Root not working right? Flash newer SuperSU by @Chainfire but play store update should be fine!

  • @Chainfire
  • @Stericson
  • @Cybertronicz
  • @WugFresh

  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Install custom recovery
  • Copy ROM to storage
  • Factory reset
  • Flash it
  • Profit


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