[ROM][Marshmallow]Pure Nexus



*Based on AOSP Android 6.0_r26
*Pre-rooted with SuperSU 2.52
*Init.d support
*Addon.d support
*T-Mobile US WiFi Calling + Project Fi Support
*Fully Working VoLTE
*Native Sprint PRL/Profile update
*Google sounds from factory image not the horrible AOSP ones
*Googles marshmallow wallpapers added to wallpaper picker
*Advanced Reboot menu enabled by default
*Advanced rotation settings
*Enabled Developer settings by default
*Enabled SystemUI tuner by default
*Enabled option to use multi-window mode
*Enabled click/longclick on notification panel header items
*Disabled forced encryption
*Disabled Device modification warning
*Disabled Tethering checks
*Disabled Full screen keyboard in landscape
*Show apps being optimized during initial boot
*Bug fix's and stability improvements
*UI Improvements (fixed a bunch google forgot to materialize)
*Download Speed in download notifications
*Scrolling cache improvements
*Seek-bar animation speed and font size control
*Hostname customization
*K-cal color control
*Vibration strength control
*Added Special keys to all keyboard keys
*Added more smileys to the aosp keyboard
*Removed googles bug report option
*Removed googles SystemUpdate option
*Removed googles legal information

-PureNexus Settings
Lock Screen
*Option to customize lockscreen shortcuts
*double tap anywhere to sleep
*Option to disable lockscreen media art
*Scramble pin layout
*Quick unlock
*Lockscreeen Wallpaper (add/crop/delete)
Notification Drawer
*Force Expanded Notifications
*quick settings pulldown (left,right)
*Battery customization (stock, landscape, circle, dotted circle, text, none)
*Battery percent options (hidden, inside the icon, next to the icon)
*Clock customization (position, am/pm, date, date style, date format)
*Network traffic meter options (disabled/incoming/outgoing/both, units displayed, update interval, autohide, autohidethreshold)
*Status-bar options (double-tap to sleep, statusbar brightness control)
Navigation Bar
*IME toggle
*Option for arrow cursor keys
*Option for double tap navbar to sleep
*Long-press back to kill toggle
*Long-press recents for last app toggle
*Navigation bar size customization (width, height, length)
*Navigation bar customization (placement, buttons)
*Option to disable on secure lock
*Add/remove (reboot, screenshot, screen-record, airplane mode, user switcher,settings shortcut, search, voice search, lock now, sound panel)
Volume Rocker
*Volume key wake
*Volume key music control
*Volume key keyboard cursor control
*Control media volume anytime toggle
*LCD density control
*Expanded desktop options
*option to enable/disable wake on plug
*LED controls
*option to disable low battery notification
*Option to disable battery saver notification
cLock Settings
*Customize the cLock widget
Tools and info
*device info
*battery history
*usage statistics
*wifi info
*build.prop editor
*fi switch tools (if project fi sim is installed)

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Ich hab die ROM selber noch nicht probiert. Also viel Spaß beim testen.


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12/09 Build is LIVE ReBased on AOSP 6.0.1_r3!!!!!!

Download link: Dolby ATMOS

Gapps Download: Dolby ATMOS

Themeable google dialer for fi support: Dolby ATMOS

as always with and new android version it is suggested to update your bootloader and radio for best results

As always if you like my work dont forget to hit that thanks button.
Donations are always appreciated but never required Donate link

This Build updates to the newest aosp source as well as adds a few new features and fixs dont forget to check the changelog!!

Changelog ist nicht schlecht: ;)

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Neus update ist raus:



updated Themeable google dialer:

Added: multi user compatibility to powermenu on secure lockscreen option

Added: multi user compatibility to force expanded notifications option

Added: multi user compatibility to double tap to sleep on navbar option

Added: multi user compatibility to navbar arrow keys option

Added: multi user compatibility to notification panel clock option

Added: multi user compatibility to full screen recents option

Feature: fully customizable quick settings included with now up to 23 tiles

Feature: option to enable or disable the top two main quicksettings tiles

Feature: option to enable up to 4 quick settings tiles per row

Feature: option for advanced location settings in location tile

Feature: option for position of date next to clock

Feature: option to disable navigation and status bar color in battery saving mode

Feature: option to add screen recorder to the power menu

Feature: long press settings icon in notification panel brings you to pure nexus settings

Change: move back to slim clock customizations

Change: move statusbar items to pure nexus settings > statusbar

Change: move quick settings tuner to pure nexus settings > notification drawer

Change: disabled a ton of useless debugging in frameworks/base

Change: added a top margin to recents fab and improved the overall experience

Fix: issue where notifications are overlapping the center clock

Fix: issue with custom rotation option

Fix: issue with location tile not showing on lockscreen

Fix: issue where navigation bar is visible in setup wizard

Fix: issue where long pressing overview will not unpin pinned apps

Fix: ntfs and exfat should now work on all devices let me know if it doesnt

Removed: quick unlock option as it is causing people to get locked out of device

Removed: modification that allowed recent apps to overlay statusbar

Removed: rounded recent app corner modification

Removed: various frameworks/base tests that we don't run
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01/03 PureNexus Shamu Update is Live!!!<br />
<br />
Download link: androidexpert35<br />
<br />
Gapps Download: androidexpert35<br />
<br />
Updated Themeable google dialer for fi support: androidexpert35<br />
<br />
As always if you like my work dont forget to hit that thanks button.<br />
Donations are always appreciated but never required, I am only posting the link for convenience, Donate link<br />
<br />
Dont forget to check the changelog some nice additions and fixs in this one :) Changelog!!<br />
<br />
I have not been able to confirm if android pay works on the nexus 6 or nexus 5 but it is confirmed on the 5x and 6p, to test you need to use banks gapps, and flash the unsu.zip and stay either unrooted or flash system-less root. if it doesnt work on the older nexus's i will look into it

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Android 3.X Honeycomb
Da ich ja immer nervend frage "... und, wie läuft die?" möchte ich kurz meine Meinung zur PN wiedergeben :
Pro: Performance top, Features super aufgeräumt und nicht überladen (nett für alle Power-Button-Wenignutzer": DT2Sleep on Lockscreen)
Ausserdem für Musik Liebhaber : Einstellbare Volume Steps

Contra : fällt mir ehrlich gesagt wenig zu ein. Ist beim scrollen sicher langsamer als die Velocity . Aber das ist kein k. O. Kriterium.

Bleibt bei mir zunächst einmal drauf.

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Es sind neue "dynamische" gapps, also für Phones, Tabletts, egal ob 32 Bit oder 64 Bit. Deshalb sollte man clean flashen, wenn man die neuen gapps nutzen will.

Gast 2823

Update Zeit!
CMTE-Branch: initial bringup of mm-cmte branch for all devices

Nexus 7 LTE: initial bringup for deb aka n7 lte

Nexus 5: enabled ambient display

Change: cleanup of proprietary files for flo/deb

Change: cleanup of Lockscreen font mod now has all correct fonts

Change: made network traffic meter fonts a tad smaller

Change: long press torch tile now opens camera

Change: screen recordings now get put in screenrecord folder

Change: added a timer to the screen recorder

Feature: add option to disable fingerprint authentication vibration

Feature: add option to enable long press power while screen is off for torch

Feature: add option to disable quick settings on secure lockscreen

Feature: add option for immersive recents stock, fullscreen, statusbar only, navbar only

Feature: add option for proximity speakerphone

Feature: add option to disable network traffic indicator arrows

Feature: add option to disable heads up notifications globally

Feature: add option to ignore interruptions while media is playing

Feature: add option to lower the amount of notifications an app can make in a certain time period

Fix: whitepages people and reverse lookup

Fix: issue where lockscreen weather looks out of place with long weather conditions

Fix: random array index out of bounds error that would sporadically result in a systemui force close

Fix: drawing a vertical scrollbar when fast scrollbar is not enabled

Fix: npe in choosing type and account activity

Fix: npe in text utils

Fix: bluetooth related race condition

Fix: race condition related to notification panel expansion handling

Fix: issue where heads up peeking settings would reset upon reboot

Fix: issue where default clock font was not actually default

Fix: finish circle battery animation upon unplugging device

Removed: fullscreen recents in place of immersive recents

Removed: a ton of outdated drawables from ics/jb/kk that are no longer in use

Gibt jetzt 2 builds: Layers und CMTE

Layers Build Download link: Linux-Kernel

CMTE Build Download link: Linux-Kernel

Updated Gapps Download: Linux-Kernel

Updated Themeable google dialer for fi support: Linux-Kernel

Wer aktuell auf Layers ist und auf CMTE wechseln will, sollte clean flashen.


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Und hier der Changelog dazu:

02/03 Release

Update: aosp source code to 6.0.1_r13 for February security update
Update: proprietary binaries for all devices
Update: google webview for arm/arm64/x86
Feature: added toggle for ambient display notification inversion
Feature: allow google or aosp dialer, no more editing apks every release :)
Fix: issue where ongoing lockscreen notifications were off by default
Fix: issue where ime switcher was overlapping navbar items
Fix: added missing vendor symlink for nexus 9 “Flounder”


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Moinsen, mein Kollege hat jetzt auch nen N6 und ich hab ihm mal eben Pure Nexus drauf gepackt, wir haben festgestellt das es sich beim anheben nur sporadisch weckt. wie ist das bei euch?

ich hab nur die Rom und Banks Dynamics geflasht ... liegt es eventuell am Kernel? welchen nutzt ihr?