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Android 3.X Honeycomb
Probiert es mal aus...startet eine x-beliebige App...danach den ART- Tweak installieren und dann dieselbe App starten...das ist echt schneller.

Ich gebe euch recht, alles in der App oder im scrollen ist identisch. allein das starten der App ist ein Unterschied, und der ist geil


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Purity 18/07


Updated sources to 5.1.1_r8 LVY48C

Improve dalvik cache pruning …
Allow skipping of dalvik cache pruning if boot marker is in place.

build: Unset JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS to read java version …
Use zipalign -p to page align .so files

Fix a bug disappearing installerPackageName info of packages after re… …
Privacy Guard: Add option to disable notification (1/2) …
QS: add Screen off tile …
NavigationBarView: Set buttonWithTagVisibility for Search …
DO NOT MERGE Fix JNI global references leak in AudioEffect …
Avoid AsyncTask ThreadPool leak in RecentTaskLoaser …
backup: Fix a system server crash …
Use isolated thread to perform onStart() …
Keyguard: Increase time to show hint texts …

Screen off tile
Privacy Guard: Add option to disable notification (2/2) …
Settings: fix setting light FC …
Settings: hide light pulse settings if not available

N7 2012: fingerprint update
N6: fingerprint update
N4: fingerprint update
N5: fingerprint update
Fix config_preferred_apn Overrides …
Yet another massive APN list …
Updated APN for Austrian Carrier Yesss.

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Und wieder ein Update @vergilbt
New build online! If you like my work, support me ;)
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Purity 05/6

Revert to 5.1.1_r5 code

Restored bionic tweaks lost in the previous merge

MPEG4Extractor: one more null check in MPEG4Source:[emoji14]arseChunk …
Guard against codecinfo overflow …
Prevent reading past the end of the buffer in 3GPP …
Prevent integer underflow if size is below 6 …
Fix integer overflow when handling MPEG4 tx3g atom …
Fix integer underflow in covr MPEG4 processing …
Prevent integer overflow when processing covr MPEG4 atoms

autobrightness: Fix the brightness dialog is not work when first enab… …
frameworks: display: shorten automatic brightness debounce …
Increase brightness faster if ambient light is brightening quickly. …
SystemUI: Crash fix from bad camera values. …
Guard in short-circuit evaluations for stringSplit methods. …
base: check nullability of ConnectivityManager#getNetworkCapabilities() …
animateNoDamage failed to remove from current frame list …
hwui: add extension to support unpack operations in OpenGL ES 2.0 …
It: update
Hr: update
[1/2] base: storage notification enhancement …
frameworks/base: Fix USB media removed notification to be dismissable …
Revert "Make "SD Card removed" notification dismissible if the remove… …
Add icons to battery saver notification (dismiss & turn off) …
base: Battery saver enhancements …

Update to 44.0.2403.90

It: update
Hr: update
[2/2] Settings: storage notification enhancement …
Settings: add Kiev time zones to picker …
Remove hardcoded textAppearance for better theme support. …
Update iconography to VectorDrawable and adjust coloring.

apns: zero-length items are evil and break auto-selection …
Clean up MEO/TMN APNs …
Remove 'preferred' no-op …
Update APN for China Telecom …
Fix Rogers APN …
APN fine tuning …
rendang: Remove unwanted APNs

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Android 3.X Honeycomb
War zu erwarten

PS: opener ist aktuell mit links zu download
Changelog derzeit nicht gefunden, folgt noch[emoji3]


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Dort Mund ;)
Shamu - Nexus 6
Use opengapps & flash them with the rom!
md5: 23768acb9bf8f8a48129c85ff89897e7
I didn't test it. Let me know if it works ;)


I am not responsible for bricked devices, lost data, etc. Flash at your own risk!

Don't build Browser, Calendar, Launcher2, QuickSearchBox, Music
Add purity ui script
Show more info while flashing

Implement kexec-hardboot
Sound Control: initial bring up for Nexus 6 Linux 3.10 kernel driver
Optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm

Keyguard: Don't show keyguard if CryptKeeper enabled
Improve scrolling cache
Update GPS Icons to be more Material
Materialize toast frames
Don't refresh ui when screen off
Navbar: add mdpi - hdpi missed icons
Bluetooth: Change disconnected icon to be 40% transparent
SystemUI: Fix volume panel inconsistencies
DocumentsUI: ita translations
Make accessing mWaitingForDrawn thread-safe
Bind backup transport in later boot phase.
Restart persistent process if start timeout.
fix for crash when PDF printing in Chrome
onAccountsUpdated shouldn't be called back after listener unregistered
Fix NPE in BaseStatusbar in onListenerConnected
Fix to show inifinite resolveractivity
SystemUI: Reload the EndNowButton label
Prevent erroneous calls to OnCheckedChangedListener
Fix NPE in TextUtils
Remove duplicate assignment statement
Revert "DocumentsUI: Show advanced devices by default"
systemui: animate clear recents exit
ClearAllRecents: reduce margin
Added clear recents eye-shaped background
Add clear all recents action to recents panel (Squashed)
Navigationbar: Fix 'back' button in landscape mode
Update Headset Icon
base: display headset when plug
backup: backup manager is using the wrong transport
base: show boot progress dialog at first boot
dynamic tiles: debrand adb icon
DocumentsUI: fix cut icon
Navbar layout fixes
Navbar: add expanded desktop button
Grant required permissions to Google Apps
Navigationbar: Add just one more button
DocumentsUI: Show advanced devices by default
base: silence logs
Sound Tile improvement
SystemUI: add Sound tile to QS (1/2)
Expanded desktop tile
National Data Roaming
Enable advanced reboot by default
Revert "Update ADB status bar icon"
Make 'Restrict Background Data' notification swipeable
Purity logo for "optimizing apps"
DocumentsUI File Manager
aapt: silence these warnings
SystemUI: dont build tests
Frameworks_base: Add navbar power button
Tweak long-press back kill application delay
Turn off some debugs

Settings: no more holo for navbar editor
Better expose text color for single button panel button
Themes: Expose Hard colors for storage settings
Use correct icon for ring volume
Settings: Fix "Fix SecuritySettings filtering" copy pasta
date customizations
dashboard: reorganize settings
Slim date customizations
Ability to hide superuser status bar icon
Remove CM Profiles
Remove Development shortcut
Dotted circle battery
Show Purity modversion
Navbar height settings
Remove CMStats-Updater

Materialize app drawer icon
WallpaperPicker: Materialize icon
Marshmallowify Trebuchet icon

SoundRecorder: record in background

enable root access
remove Eleven - Terminal - Profiles app

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