[ROM][5.1][N5] Resurrection Remix v5.4.2


AP - Maskottchen

Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on CM,slim.omni and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device
Many things that in previous versions were tweaked with mods, are now included by default in the ROM so, please enjoy!
Special thanks to, the CM team,OMNI team ,SLIMROMS and of course to all the supporters

Included Main Features

-Dark Material Theme
-Quick-Smart Pulldown
-Battery mods
-Heads up
-Lockscreen Shortcuts
-Perfomance Profiles
-Ambiant Display
-ClockColor options
-Statusbar clock customization + second + fonts
-Network traffic monitor
-Toast animations
-Add changelog
-Listview animations
-Navigation bar dimensions
-Add Weather display to status bar header
-Quick unlock
-Overall Speed up system
-Amazing Battery Life
-Brand new music and audio fx app from cyanogen
-Included all cm 12 features
-And MORE..

Installation Insturaction

- Download the latest build
- Download Gapps
- Take a nandroid backup
- Recommended - Full wipe and factory reset
- Flash ROM using latest ClockworkMod or TWRP recovery
- Flash Gapps
- Reboot.
- Enjoy!

Update Insturaction

- Download the latest build of Resurrection ROM
- Take a nandroid backup
- Flash ROM using recovery
- Flash Gapps
- Wipe cache
- Wipe dalvik cache
- Reboot
- Enjoy!

Installation Files



Gapps Sammlung
https://www.android-port.de/themen/gapps-sammlung-google-apps-fuer-android-5-0-x-5-1-roms.6497/[DLMURL="https://www.android-port.de/attachments/24035/"]Den Anhang 24035 betrachten[/DLMURL]

SuperSU Stable & BETA
https://www.android-port.de/themen/super-su-v-2-48-beta-v-2-46-stable.5076/[DLMURL="https://www.android-port.de/attachments/24036/"]Den Anhang 24036 betrachten[/DLMURL]

CM Themes Sammlung
https://www.android-port.de/themen/cm12-theme-sammlung-574-themes-theme-diy-app.6553/[DLMURL="https://www.android-port.de/attachments/24037/"]Den Anhang 24037 betrachten[/DLMURL]


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How to Build Resurrection Remix ROM Tutorial
Resurrection Remix Forum
Resurrection Remix Github Source

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AP - Maskottchen

The Changelog

Important : Full Wipe installation Highly Recommended!!

- Update heads up notifications with swipe actions +(Master Switch-Timeout-Blacklist and do not disturb options)
- Add Theme engine
- Quick Settings Updates
- Re themed settings and Themes app
- Update cLock app with material theme
- Create expandable volume panel.
- App Circle Sidebar & Support for Configurable Trigger Region
- Custom System Animations
- Status bar header long click actions
- Allow custom density option
- Fix more memory leaks
- Fix FC on HU language update settings strings
- Revert ticker option for now :Causes system ui fc s(enabled as system default)
- Settings : Make RR Tools icons themeable
- Fix system ui crash while continuously click flash light tIle issue
- SystemUI: Fix user profile activity overlapped by status bar panel issue
- Quick settings: fix ripple placement for dual tiles
- ConnectionSettings: Add 4g as connection options for profiles
- SystemUI: unbreak accesibility longpress Overview to unpin
- wifi: Framework support for Ad-Hoc WiFi (IBSS mode)
- Fix "ghost" weather display in expanded status bar
- DocumentsUI: catch NPE
- Update RemoteController on Session update
- ProcessList: Handle invalid state when computing next PSS Time
- privacyguard: Add Superuser summary
- Update RR_string french translations
- Settings: Improve battery percentage title
- hammerhead: set persist.sys.isUsbOtgEnabled to enable USB storage.
- G3 : change DPI to 532
- G3 . boost sound volume
- G3 : Increase boost duration
- G3 : enable all hardware button options
- Bug fix and source updates from cyanogenmod
- For more information about changelog check out the RR Github sources
- Enjoy.

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AP - Maskottchen
Version v5.3.2 online...


- Fix and Enable DOZE (Ambient Display) (it will works if your device supports)

- Doze (ambient display) timeout option

- Skip Misc/Overcounted battery stats in builds

- Make power dialog profile and screenshot PNGs themeable

- Update Gestures anywhere close button to (Material FAB) and make gesture color themeable

- Fix Status bar Carrier label issues

- clean up hiding search bar

- Update cLock theme

- Overall Improved stability and lot of bug fix

- Expand Recents to the top if Search is disabled

- Fixes for bluetooth

- Add "Accept all files" option for incoming file via BT

- SystemUI: reset timeout when expanding volume panel

- Revert Keyguard: Create lockscreen weather (Because CM Team reverted from their source to)

- Hide GlowPadView warnings

- Themes: Restructure resource cache

- SystemUI: Fix the wrong speech in TalkBack application.

- Keyguard: Avoid null pointer exception

- Include material ringtones and notification sounds

- storage: Don't list removed volumes in storage list

- WindowManagerService: Fix On-Screen keyboard popups when hw-keyboard is present

- Do not allow the navigation bar to move if width == height

- Centralize QuickSettings constants

- bootanim: Add continuous splash support

- Themes: Ensure themed fonts always have fallbacks

- lowmemorykiller: Overwrite LMK parameters for low-tier devices

- Themes: System theme should clear wallpaper

- Themes: Update LoadedApk resources.

- Themes: Fix font layout missing a view

- Themes: Clear out icon resources for non-composed icons

- Themes: Fix launching themes using APP_THEMES category

- SystemUI: animate expanded volume panel

- ExpandedVolumePanel: Fix SystemUI FC when expands volume panel from Notifications tile

- fix derp after theme engine implemented

- Prevent AudioService dead lock issue.

- MediaCodec/Image: handle null cropRect correctly

- Fix GPS for old GPS HALs

- SystemUI : Add QSDetailItems

- SystemUI: add Profiles tile

- SystemUI : Add adb over network tile

- SystemUI: add NFC tile

- SystemUI: port compass tile to cm-12.0

- SystemUI: port lock screen toggle tile

- SystemUI: Create LteTile

- SystemUI: add AudioFX/visualizer tile

- Reduce default animation duration

- DocumentsUI: update launcher icon

- ShutdownThread: dont show advanced reboot options when long pressing power off

- Settings: fix empty Wifi triggers screen

- Settings : Update for centralized quick settings

- Cleanup and fix QS tile implementation

- Settings: Enforce non-blank profile names

- Update APN S

- G3 - Boost cpu and performance

- G3 - Add bools for DOZE

- G3 - charger: fix warnings

- G3 - charger: remove charger pecentage

- G3 - Fix kernel issues

- hammerhead: mixer_paths: Enable compander last

- hammerhead: Kernel updates

- Bug fix and source updates from cyanogenmod

- For more information about changelog check out the RR Github sources

- Note :Full Wipe installation (Highly Recommended) .After a long test. There is no problem found. Happy flashing..


Android 1.0
Bisher ist die echt super. Nur ur bei mir habe ich das Problem, das Google maps beendet wird. Habe Cache und Daten mal gelöscht, bringt aber nichts.


AP - Maskottchen
Wg gapps drüber ... joa .. auch wenn ich net wirklich glaube des es das prob war ... hmmm ... nur maps angemacht und/aber weil du es grad erwähnst hab ich navi gestartet und kurz gps suchen lassen .. alles ok ... hmmm²

edit: clean flash?! ich weiß doofe frage... ;)
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Android 1.0
Nar klar, ich Wipe alles was geht, außer interne SD nicht.
Hab ich mir auch schon gedacht das es mit den slim gapps nicht funktioniert. Nandroid Terminus ist erst mal wieder zum Leben erweckt. Wenn ich mal übers Wochenende Zeit habe Teste ich noch mal. Aber sonst finde ich die rom echt top.


AP - Maskottchen
ROM & OP update ...


The Changelog

- Update and fixes for PitchBlack theme
- Navigation bar button color
- QS:Battery saver tile
- QS:Brightness tile
- QS:Expanded desktop tile
- QS:Screen off tile
- QS:notifications tile
- Slim doze options
- fix performance profile not showing up
- Optimizing app dialog on first boot
- fix bunch of issues after apply theme
- Create configurable default expanded desktop style.
- Don't lookup application keyguard notification visibility unnecessarily
- Hide privacyguard notifications on keyguard
- AppOps: fix deadlock issue when showing dialog
- Themes: Include ThemeConfig for ResourceKey hash
- Themes: Add theme change timestamp to ThemeConfig
- Themes: Don't clip notification when a theme defines a larger radius
- Themes: Fix theme package name being set to target's
- fix flashlight tile inconsistency
- Disable lock screen after boot
- Prevent power key capture when screen is off
- Hide msim 'no-sim' icons
- fix performance profile not showing up
- fix status bar activity indicators getting stuck when disabling
- Hide privacyguard notifications on keyguard
- Move changelog to about resurrection
- Rename : Resurrection tools >>> Configurations
- Add touchscreen hovering support
- Update translations
- move gestures setting in to device section
- hammerhead: Update removable disk configuration
- hammerhead: return to stock DPI
- includes all cm updates
- Bug fixes
- And much more..
- Enjoy!


AP - Maskottchen
Update ...


- PitchBlack Now available on play store for free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.resurrectionremix.pitchblack
Note:Playstore version wont work on RR version 5.3.5 and previous versions

- Removed PitchBlack Theme from system/app
- Fixed bootloop after theme change
- Themes: Get mFontPkgName hashCode not mIconPkgName's
- Expanded Desktop : Fix Left handed navbar during landscape mode
- Enable Buttons and Status Bar settings Multi-user enabled
- Use actual storage type for format message strings
- Fix for ambiguous and broken disk formatting dialog
- Storage; Fix apps2sd for noemulated secondary storage
- GlobalActions: Always add power off option to power menu
- Expose hardcoded colors
- Themes: Include ThemeConfig for ResourceKey hash
- Themes: Add theme change timestamp to ThemeConfig
- Fix Profiles settings screen padding
- Power Menu: remove power as an option
- Don't show "Eject card" if the card is not accessible
- Fix detection of USB/UICC volumes
- Performance -> Battery mode
- improved performance and stability
- g3: fix external storage permissions
- g3: Remove deprecated Camera2 overlays
- hammerhead: Tweak speaker and headphone volumes
- includes all cm updates
- And much more.
- Happy flashing..


Android 1.0
5.3.7 ist draußen...

The Changelog

- Add power button to navbar
- App Circle Bar tile
- NavBar tile
- long press back to kill configurable timeout
- Themes: Use rounded rect for heads up notification
- Themes: Enhanced theming capabilities
- Avert duplicating translation in drawing a background drawable
- Strings improvements
- base: LT translations
- Update DPI settings
- Fix mobile network settings for multi sim
- Update mobile network settings
- Update data usage settings
- set volume wake dependency in code
- Update Translations
- TeleService: Add all supported network modes
- Improve multi-sim data configuration
- Lot of bug fixes and improvemens
- includes all cm updates
- And much more.
- Happy flashing..

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