Teammitglied a. D.
Philz Recovery Update 5.03.0

Below is full change log
In short:
- potential serious bug for /data/media devices
- Advanced Backup statistics during nandroid tar operations
- Update to cwm
- 3 new colors as requested
- Add toggles to change color of header text and battery/clock display color
- Small GUI changes (fix color highlight of virtual buttons and the bottom menu line color

- fix backup size progress in twrp mode
- improve code for backup stats during nandroid jobs
- display full backup stats (total size, compression ratio, elapsed time) at end of backups
- merge last cm-10.1 updates:
* fix nandroid cmd command did not load volume table
* support nandroid dump/undump commands
* nandroid backup command line still segfaults
* silent log when mounting /data/media
- add 3 new color palettes (30 colors total): dimmer gray, yellow and gold
- add toggle for header custom color
- add toggle for battery and clock custom color
- line at bottom of menus will now have same color as menus separator lines
- set new defaults to header and menu text colors
- show backup/restore stats in color during nandroid jobs
- fix touch issue when exiting friendly log or blanked screen, and pressing on virtual buttons

- fix root break for devices with shared recovery partition caused by Whil Wheaton update
- advanced backup size monitoring during nandroid operations
- prompt to cancel backup on low free space (% and absolute)
- live display size stats during backup: total data written, free space left
- support backup and restore of /misc partition for both CWM and TWRP operations
- prevent potential segfault when calling is_data_media_volume_path()
- merge cm-10.1 changes:
* remove adb sideload /tmp/update.zip after flashing to avoid second flash under some circumstances
- fix android_secure could not be backed up under some circumstances (ensure mount of sdcard)
- completely rewritten android_secure support: much simpler code
- optimize cancel nandroid job action
- allow cancel yaffs2 nandroid operations
- allow dim screen timeout during yaffs2 nandroid operations
- fix set brightness and auto-dim screen timer for Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
- fix battery stats display for Nexus 10
- restore default actions of real device keys we fake for touch events
- correctly map device virtual keys to default recovery actions
- fix virtual buttons highlight color to match their line separator color (blue)

- support Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
- clean code for non PhilZ Touch buils
- Merge cm-10.1 changes to cwm
* recovery: fix sideload cancel" into cm-10.1
* make_ext4fs support
* auto prompt to root device when booting to main system

- use device specific background images during compile process


Teammitglied a. D.
Philz Recovery Update 5.05.0

- fix potential memory overflow during computing of size stats in backup
- fix /efs backup not possible for devices without /preload, unless preload menu was selected once
- fix custom nandroid and twrp backups for yaffs2 devices (do not force tar format on these)
- misc fixes for supporting more devices mainly during nandroid jobs:
* allow use of device2 for raw backup and restore operations (using dd/cat)
* better nandroid support when device names in fstab do not match actual mtd name (revert statfs for volume->device)​
- revert cm-10.1 changes: Write correctly fstab info in log (do not print to stderr)
- merge old custom_backup folder to cwm backup folder
- old .efs_backup and .modem_bin folders also should be moved to clockworkmod/backup
- .aromafm folder is now aromafm (no more hidden folder for this)
- add regenerate md5 sum option for nandroid backups (use with caution)
- revert inverting fstype and fstype2 (see github commit for more info on this)
- fix nandroid backup fails before generating md5 for /external_sd devices when card is not inserted/mountable (.android_secure check)
- fix falling back to system mount command will fail when calling ensure_path_mounted(filename)
- htc desire x (protou) support added
- htc droid incredible 4g lte (fireball):
* add support
* allow sd-ext and mount external sd in ext4
* allow backup/restore of /radio​
- galaxy s4 - i9505:
* support emmc partitions size detection during nandroid jobs
* fix exfat mount for some sdcards (thanks to chenglu)​
- nexus s/4g (crespo/crespo4g):
* allow raw + yaffs2 backups for /efs and /radio
* allow size detection for mtd partitions during nandroid backup
* fix device name to samsung nexus s
* repack with stock gb kernel to fix usb mount in recovery​
- nexus 10: Enable efs backup and restore
- galaxy nexus (maguro/toro/toroplus): Enable efs backup and restore

Most changes are in nandroid backup operations and external storage mounting

Please test this and report any bugs with a log

To get a log:
- Advanced / Report Error
- Attach here the /sdcard/clockworkmod/philz_recovery.log file

If phone is hanguing and cannot export a log because sdcard is not being mounted:
- adb pull /tmp/recovery.log
- attach the recovery.log file

At worst:
- Reboot into main system, not recovery (adb reboot can achieve it when needed too)
- Grab /cache/recovery files (last_log, last_install)


Teammitglied a. D.
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Teammitglied a. D.
-Add MTP support to recovery thanks mostly to bigbiff with a little help from Dees_Troy
-Add command line capabilities - you can now execute various TWRP features via adb instead of the touchscreen
-Add support for color in the console and give error, warning, and highlight lines different colors
-Track backup and restore progress based on file sizes to provide a much more accurate indication of progress
-Improve handling of /misc thanks to mdmower
-Improve setting of time on Qualcomm devices thanks to [NUT]
-Allow using images on slidervalue GUI objects thanks to Tassadar
-Allow using variables and addition and subtraction in variables for easier theming
-Add support for 1440x2560, 280x280, and 320x320 resolutions and update 240x240
-Allow ui.xml file to include additional xml files to help break up the theme and make TWRP easier to maintain
-Other minor fixes and improvements

Over the course of the last year or so, bigbiff has worked to migrate various Java functions from Android's MTP implementation to bring you a fully C++ based MTP implementation that allows you to transfer files to both emulated storage and Micro SD cards. It's confirmed to work on various Nexus devices but we may have to make some changes on other devices to keep Windows happy. Windows is very picky about USB IDs and its drivers. We have tested it on Windows 7 and 8 as well as Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty. MTP is enabled by default, but we do toggle it off and on automatically during certain operations such as if you choose to wipe a storage partition. You can enable or disable MTP under the mount menu in TWRP. For more about what MTP is here.

Note: Due to a weird bug with our MTP setup, you cannot copy a zip file to the root of storage with Windows. You can change the .zip to something else like .txt and then copy it to the root and rename the file back to .zip once it's copied to the device. You can also copy the zip into any subfolder.

Command line support is also now available. You can perform various OpenRecoveryScript commands via the adb shell. Depending on what you are doing you may wish to do a "twrp set tw_mtp_enabled 0" and then reboot to prevent the MTP auto toggle from killing your adb interface. You can use this option to create and restore backups, wipe, install zips, and more. Via adb shell, type twrp followed by a space then enter the OpenRecoveryScript command and hit enter. [DLMURL="http://www.teamw.in/OpenRecoveryScript"]Find more OpenRecoveryScript commands here[/DLMURL].

j.mp/n4twrp für Installation über TWRP

j.mp/n4cwm für Installation über CWM Touch und Normal


Teammitglied a. D.

-MTP fixes and improvements - you can now copy zips to the root of storage - thanks to _that
-TrueType Font support - optional as it takes up a decent amount of space so may not be available on all devices - thanks to Tassadar
-Temperature support - thanks to bigbiff
-Various other bugfixes and tweaks