[Kernel][Shamu][5.0..x] Franco kernel r26[13.04.2015]


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Dort Mund ;)
Und schon sind wir bei r16.
r16"changeDate="Feb 16, 2015">

Bug fix! Fixed a bug introduced on r15 that could panic the device when it reached low battery threshold
Improvement! Decreased wlan_rx wakelock timeout
Improvement! Merged an improvement from CodeAurora regarding the DSP for audio listening
Improvement! Don't start evaluating CPU load until the device has fully booted
Bug fix! Fixed a bug that could lead cpu2 and cpu3 to be stuck on max frequency


Teammitglied a. D
Dort Mund ;)
r21 is out!

* Improvement! Improved behavior of my Hotplug driver by increasing the time between work runs to decrease load average
* Improvement! Add headphone and misc gain boost interface. Available from FKUpdater or sysfs path: /sys/class/misc/soundcontrol/
* Improvement! Add support for custom roms - systemui shouldn't crash anymore
* Improvement! Merged a patch from Motorola to decrease suspend latency
* Improvement! Merged a patch from Motorola to decrease latency when low memory killer scans through all processes to decide which one to kill
* Improvement! Merged a patch from Qualcomm to allow the internal storage daemon to schedule requests to idle CPUs to greatly improve I/O performance
* Improvement! Further tune Conservative's behavior by allowing it to scale in 10% intervals instead of the old 5% (so it will reach upper and lower frequencies one or two samples faster) and to start ramping down when the load is below 40% instead of 30% (this improves battery life)
* Improvement! Turned off a couple debugging flags on some drivers to decrease system load on certain periodic requests
* Bug fix! Fixed a bug that was wrongly calculating CPU off time and it was considering it idle time, thus system load was being reported higher than it should
* Improvement! My cat can run up and down the walls like Neo on The Matrix

This is a big update. Enjoy folks!


AP - Maskottchen
New franco.Kernel version for the Nexus 6
* r22
* Improvement! Add support for Multi-Rom
* Improvement! Add ability to disable specific wi-fi wakelocks under /sys/module/wakeup/parameters/ - don't mess with them if you don't know what you're doing
* Improvement! Bump max cpu freq for the Power-saving profile from 1GHz to 1.267GHz and use Performance governor on the GPU on the Performance profile
* Improvement! Decreased load_average by making yet another set of Kernel threads to be interruptible
* Improvement! Merged a gazillion patches from upstream and codeaurora with fixes and enhancements

boot.img: http://kernels.franco-lnx.net/Nexus6/5.1/boot-r22.img

zip: http://kernels.franco-lnx.net/Nexus6/5.1/zips/franco.Kernel-nightly-r22.zip

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Hab die neue Version drauf mit der aktuellen Chroma. Und das flutscht... Alles läuft noch ein Tick geschmeidiger. Keine Ahnung woher plötzlich dieser Performanceschub kommt.


AP - Maskottchen
New franco.Kernel version for the Nexus 6 - r26
* r26
* Improvement! Merged an upstream patch for the cpu scheduler which makes it idle faster if it only has at the most 1 task running on it. This should provide improved battery during usage
* Bug fix! Reverted a patch that could prevent the modem to restart its connection after losing signal
* Improvement! Merged a couple patches from CodeAurora to improve the display drivers layer
* Improvement! Merged other patches from upstream with fixes

boot.img: http://kernels.franco-lnx.net/Nexus6/5.1/boot-r26.img
zip: http://kernels.franco-lnx.net/Nexus6/5.1/zips/franco.Kernel-nightly-r26.zip

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[root] Servicely
Built this little app this past week because I was not happy with the current offering.

Compared to Greenify or other xposed modules:

1 - It's free
2 - Kills system apps/services
3 - Better design
4 - Way smaller memory footprint
5 - Runs every X seconds instead of only when screening off. All operations are done on the background thread so system interactivity isn't affected

There's an option to purchase a "Pro" key, but you can also use all the features for free toggling the right option.

Enjoy, share with your friends!
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