[Kernel][Nexus 6] Vindicator [V2.0][SM5.0/Strict-Alias/Graphite][5.1][GPU OC/UV][04.04.2015]


Schau mal in den Vindi Thread bei xda. Ich hab mich mit dem Porter unterhalten und er schien nicht mal genau zu wissen, was mit MultiRom und kexec möglich ist. Tasssadar hat sich auch schon zu Wort gemeldet und angemerkt, dass der Port fehlerhaft sei. Also Finger weg davon! ;)



Android 2.1 Éclair
Danke hells, da haben wir die Bestätigung, was ich mir dann selbst gedacht habe...halb so wild, mit den Kerneln über den Manager läuft MultiRom ja.;)


Android 2.1 Éclair
Und hier ist auch schon v1.6 für den 5.1er Lutscher :P:

-Android 5.1
(Massive Thanks To Imoseyon for merging it in)
-Latest Lean Merged
-Latest Franco Merged
-Mako Hotplug Updates
-Intelliplug V4
-Misc Fixes
-Default Power Aware Scheduler Off Again (Change In lkconfig)


Android 2.1 Éclair
Update auf v1.7:

-Merged Latest Lean
-Merged Latest Franco
-Ramdisk Fixes For Roms(All Imoseyon)
-IO Boosts
-Updated Linaro ToolChain
-Boot Time Speedup(Jamcswains idea)
-InteractiveX Tweaked(Franco's Idea)
-Numerous CAF Patches
-Mako Hotplug Updates


Android 2.1 Éclair
Update auf v1.8:

-Merged Latest Lean
-Merged Latest Franco
-Switched Toolchain To Custom Compiled Linaro
-Speed Up Boot Further
-Tons Of CAF Patches
-Audio Fixes/Patches
-800Mhz GPU Step
-MSM Limter Removed
-Added Moto Predictive Touch Driver(Better Responsiveness)
-Updated FB Notifiers
-Disabled MPDecision By Default. Mako Is Default Now
-FIOPS Is Default IO Scheduler Now
-Added Moto Low Memory Killer Optimizations
-CPUfreq and Ext4 Optimizations
-More Debugging Disabled
-Various Other Optimizations And Updates
-Update To Linux 3.10.72
-Probably Stuff I Forgot


Android 2.1 Éclair
Update auf v1.9:

-Merged Latest Lean Kernel
-Fix Wake Gestures
-Default To QuadCore Mode For Mako
-Ensure 35Mhz Is Min Freq. on Boot(Fixes Weird Issue)
-Modified UKM/Synapse To Control Wakelocks (Misc Tab)
-Merged Latest Hydra Kernel Changes/Patches
-Fix Battery Drain On BlueTooth
-Frequency Mitigation Preventer V2 (In LKConfig)
-Stability Fixes


Android 2.1 Éclair
Großes Update in 2 Versionen (Linaro 4.9.3/Sabermod 5.0):

-Merged Latest Franco And Lean Code
-Linux 3.10.73
-Several Memory Leaks Fixed
-Reboot/Bootloops Fixed
-!00's Of Patches
-SELinux Permissive By Default
-Compiled With SaberMod 5.0
-Screen Frequency Reverted To Stock
-Tweaked Interactive Touchboost Parameters Further
-Replaced IntelliPlug With MSM Mpdecision
-Added Back MSM Limiter
-FB Notifiers now Enabled By Default. Toggle Added To Synapse
-Merged In Some Hydra Kernel Ramdisk Fixes
-GPU OC Reduced Back To 700Mhz
-Add Power Aware Scheduling to Synapse (CPU Settings Page)
-Fix Synapse To Display CPU Bin On Front Page
-Revert FastBoot Mods For Now (Buggy)
-KCal Fixes
-MSM_HSIC WakeLock Now Enabled By Default With Divisor Of 5 (Change In Synapse Or LKConfig)
-Mako Hotplug Load Threshold Set Back To 80
-Misc Optimizations

Okay guys 2.0 is out! Out of pure curiousity I've uploaded a build compiled with the existing toolchain (Linaro 4.9.3 with Graphite) and another build compiled with the brand new SaberMod 5.0 (No Graphite Flags Until They Are Fixed) SM 5.0 is based on the new GCC 5.0, a new major version of the compiler. The files are labeled as such in the downloads folder. Please share which you think is better (Smoothness, battery, etc) 2.0 Is a huge update with well over 100 commits oh! and it will display your bin number on the front page of synapse now!. As Usual the changelog is posted in the second post
If ur wondering why intelliplug got removed its because the testers were reporting issues with it, and I was having some weird issues with it as well and its very inactively developed by Faux123 atm. MSM Hotplug has been recommended and seems like a good replacement for now. Enjoy!


Android 2.1 Éclair
Habe mal den Vindicator 2.0-Saber geflasht und bin angenehm überrascht - läuft sehr smooth! Intelli_plug wurde rausgeschmissen, dafür ist jetzt neben mako_plug (min 2 Kerne on) noch msm_hotplug drin (min 1 Kern on).


Teammitglied a. D
Dort Mund ;)
Update auf 2.2 ist verfügbar!

PS. Thread ist immer noch abzugeben!!!
-Compiled With UberTC 6.0 (Figured We Would See How It Compares To SM 6)
-Compiled With Graphite Optimizations
-Compiled With Loop Nest Optimizations(An Extremely Aggressive Optimization)
-Compiled With loop-unroll-and-jam(A companion optimization to loop nest also aggressive)
-Small GPU Tweaks
-Greatly increased encrypted IO Performance
-Arm Specific Optimization Patches
-Added Heavy Hitter Filter(Another Network Optimization That May Also Reduce CPU Usage)
-Added Proportional Integral Controller Enhanced(Yet another network optimization algorithm designed to reduce latency and increase efficiency when doing latency sensitive things such as streaming)
-Optimize boot/compressed for Krait
-Addition Branch Optimizations and Inter Procedural Optimizations
-Support CM12.1 Ramdisk
-Optimize ROW and Deadline
-Add Bluesleep Wakelock Toggle
-Reduce Wlan_Ctrl Wakelock
-Default Wlan_rx wakelock divisor to 5
-Default msm_hsic divisor to 6
-Fix lkconfig frequency stuff
-Default below 40% frequency changing OFF
-Cleanup frequency mitigation stuff in lkconfig.
-Add Westwood
-Use amended interruptible threads (reduces cpu load)
-Disable add random on IO
-Reset cpu dma latency to stock...idk what it does so i shouldnt touch it...
-Revert Ram OC (IDK if it even worked)
-Add smb135x wakelock toggle
-A GPU Patch
-Raise default touchboost to 500ms.
-Optimize memcpy and memmove
-Significantly Optimize Console Framebuffer
-Enable non-cacheable streaming enhancement
-Add GPU Compile Optimizations
-Disable a lot more debugging
-Boot with 2.649ghz max freq for stability
-Add OC up to 3.033ghz. Highly unstable IMO but its an option for the brave.
-Cleanup Ramdisk
-Raise voltage a bit on 2.88 for stability.
-Disable useless resource counters to save processing power and battery.