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Flashen geschieht wie immer auf eigene Verantwortung - weder ich, Android-Port.de noch sonst irgendjemand übernimmt Haftung für euer Handeln.

Tectas hat jetzt auch seinen Kernel für Android Lollipop angepasst und kann genutzt werden. Bis jetzt hatte er nur einen und einzigsten Kernel ;) für KitKat.

RIN Kernel for D855/P/K | F400/K/S/L | D852

Close to stock with some sugar added ... delicous!

Hey guys and girls,
you may have seen my unified stock kernel thread already (or may not, but doesn't matter). This kernel is my attempt to build up on the fixed source and add some additional features for us mod lovers to thinker with and to personalize your device to your usage. For now, I'll keep it close to my stock source and just pull some additional features and fixes in, but not to much. That may change in the future (maybe even soon), but for now, I'll stick to that paradigm.

First of, DISCLAIMER, I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead unicorns, rainbows with missing colors, world war, nose bleed, void warranty (you know that already, don't you? your warranty is void now and it's your fault :P) or any other harm happening to your device, you or people around you!

What does it serve? (Features)
  • Built with linaro 4.9.1 cortex-a15 optimized toolchain
  • IO Schedulers
    • BFQ
    • CFQ
    • FIFO
    • FIOPS
    • NOOP
    • ROW
    • SIO
    • VR (default)
    • ZEN
  • Governors
    • Adaptive
    • Conservative
    • DanceDance
    • IntelliActive
    • IntelliDemand
    • Interactive (default)
    • Lagfree
    • Lionheart
    • OnDemand
    • Performance
    • Powersave
    • SmartassV2
    • Userspace
    • Wheatley
    • Smartmax
  • Voltage control
  • SoundControl
  • Intelli-Thermal v2
  • Intelli-Plug
  • Many under the hood fixes
  • Stability
  • More to come

  • D855/P/K, F400/K/S/L, D852
  • Custom Recovery
  • Stock oder Stock based ROM (kein AOSP!)


  • Einfach die .ZIP im TWRP-Recovery flashen.
  • Wipe cache


  • lollipop support (credits to @Skin1980 and his rooted ramdisk)
  • build with sabermod 4.9
  • Graphite build flags
  • NTFS support
  • sysfs interface for android logger (Logger disabled by default)
  • TCP cong algorithms (BIC, Westwood, HTCP, Vegas, Veno, Yeah)
  • More frequency steps between 300Mhz and 2.7Ghz
Full list of commits can be found here

AndroidFileHost | xda | dev host | google drive | trialsrider1

Show me the so(u)rce(ry)! (Source Code)


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XDA:DevDB Information
Rin Kernel, Kernel for the LG G3

Source Code:https://github.com/tectas/android_ke...ree/rin-kitkat

Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1.8
Stable Release Date: 2014-11-20

Created 2014-08-14
Last Updated 2014-11-21

Quelle: XDA

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