[KERNEL] Hydra Kernel v4.0 Builds for M [13/Nov]

Hen Ry

Android 1.5 Cupcake
Hartenstein, Sachsen
aktuell Hydra_v4.0-[11-13]-[02-08]
* Support CM13
* Linux 3.10.93 update
* Updated Audio codecs and slimbus drivers
* Added ZRAM support from Linux 4.2 (configurable under Synapse)
* Tuned new CAF memory tunables.
* Misc driver updates (mdss, modem, gpu, cpuidle and few more)
* Performance improvements.



Upstream stable updates to 3.10.93
Synapse Backend Support INSTALL FROM PLAY STORE.
Kexec-hardboot enabled for MultiROM support
CAF's Adaptive LMK (kills sluggishness and helps launching apps faster)
MSM Limiter Driver - Per CPU Total Control
MSM Hotplug Driver - Default - Based on myfluxi's initial hotplug driver for hammerhead. Enhanced by me and @dorimanx
Intelli Hotplug Driver - Based on faux hotplug driver. Enhanced by me and @dorimanx
Bricked Hotplug Driver - Conservative hotplug driver by @showp1984. Improved and enhanced by me.
New and better stock mpdecision driver (Please use synapse to enable different hotplug drivers and tune them) Removed v2.0 onwards
Removed Disabled stock touch boost and replaced with enhanced CPU Boost Driver
Wakeup boost, Input Boost and Hotplug Boost for CPU Boost Driver
Added BFQ and FIOPS I/O Scheduler
Added KCal Driver Support by @savoca. Colors calibrated for Nexus 6 by default.
Improved suspend routines by Motorola
Sound Control Driver
In-built kernel thermal driver - 70 Celsius is default frequency throttle temperature.
Wake Gesture driver by @flar2
Latest CAF Interactive governor with tuned defaults
Impulse governor - Tweaked CAF interactive governor - Friendly and power efficient frequency scaling.
Awesome CAF sound experience. Up-to-date sound codecs with Ultra-High-Quality auto enabled with high quality music
Fixed entropy depletion
SELinux improvements
Neon-enabled ARM crypto routines
LED Control
PM QoS updates
Disabled Forced Encryption
Massive driver updates
Tunable wakelocks via Synapse
ZRam support
Memory tweaks
Lots of bug fixes
Auto Busybox installation (do not install one from play store)
And much much more....
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