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Happy Flashing.... AOKP ist nicht tot! ;)

5gfI5PcWdgCIH83YEtDz0bB6QWC_MwWN5Xvoejo5LmwsvCu5TcHCPUJoedtw48H8-PkrUquXCXi4=s519.png Down but not out :: Android Open Kang Project @ Blog
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Hello everybody.
It has been a long long time. A really loooooooooooong time. This is a project very close to our hearts, and we all love hacking around with Android, but I guess real life often catches up. Jobs, college, family.
But I am not writing this to announce we are packing our bags. I am writing this to let you know that we are slowly crawling back into Kangland activities.

Proper lollipop builds, with ROM Control features will take a just a little while longer, but for now, most of the hardware support is up. The Nexus phones, the Xperias, and a few Galaxies are buildable. Most qualcomm devices should take a couple of hours of effort by the maintainers to get working. Right now it is very much AOSP in terms of features, but we are just beginning to port some of our older features back (and hopefully we will soon start writing new ones).

While I announce this, I would also like to remind that the strength of open source projects lie in contributions. We have a gerrit and we welcome anyone to contribute on it, whether it be in helping us to get AOKP on more devices, or to add more unicorn bytes (features).

it’s good to be back . . .
Happy Kanging

Und hier des Home Build >>

I compiled this UNOFFICIAL build just now just to prove that the AOKP guys weren't "Fucking trolling" and because I was excited to see AOKP, one of my favorite ROMs during ICS and JB days still up and kicking :-)

Keep in mind that things are still in the early stages and this isn't the AOKP we've all come to love. There are still a lot of things that the devs of this ROM need to do and add......


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