Gapps Sammlung - Google Apps für Android 5 und 6

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AP - Maskottchen
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Hier eine Sammlung der GAPPS - Google Android Apps

"Begriffserklärung" Gapps
Gapps ist die Abkürzung für Google Apps.
Gemeint ist damit ein Paket aus den Google-Anwendungen, welche bei den meisten Android-Smartphones vorinstalliert ist.
Zu den Apps zählen meistens z.B. der PlayStore, Hangouts, Google+, Gmail etc.
Aus Lizenzgründen dürfen diese Apps z.B. nicht in Custom-ROMs direkt integriert sein und müssen nach der Installation des Roms von Hand über das Recovery nachinstalliert werden.

Welche Gapps zu welcher ROM?
Es sollten grundsätzlich alle Gapps "gleich gut funktionieren"

Stichwort THEME (CMTE & LAYERS) ready Gapps
Es gibt allgemeine und ROM abhänginge Theme Gapps d.h. Gapps die extra für Theme Engine angepasst/bereit sind! Nicht alle "ersetzten die normalen Gapps"!
Theme Ready Google Apps for CMTE/Layers v11.0

Infos, Links, WIKI und mehr rundum Gapps:
Resurrection Remix® - Community - Google+

Eure Sorgen, Fragen und mehr dürft ihr gern hier teilen:
Diskussion zu Gapps - Google Apps für Android

GApps by BaNkS {Dynamic GApps zip for arm, arm64, and x86}

GApps for Android 6.x.x Marshmallow by BaNkS
Dynamic Google Play Services, Google App (Search), SetupWizard, Swypelib, and FaceLock based on cpu architecture (arm and arm64)
Core Google syncing apks
Google App (Search) for "OK Google" everywhere feature
FaceLock for SmartLock feature
GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter to sync AOSP Calendar
All corresponding libs/files/etc. for the above to work properly
Nothing more and nothing less
Make your own:

Char G
Jake Whatley
Alex Cruz(mazda)
Superr for Superr Kitchen
Open GApps
Android File Host
Kevin Minions
Others I may have missed



Open GApps
The Open GApps Project is an open-source effort to script the automatic generation of up-to-date Google Apps packages.
On you can find more information about the project effort and also pre-built Google Apps packages generated by the buildbot.

Some highlights about the characteristics of the Open GApps packages:

    • All platforms and and all Android versions are supported

    • DPI-optimized support for all Google packages (unlike other GApps)

    • Frequently updated Google Apps: The pre-built packages are updated every (European) night (if there are any updated Google Apps available)

    • Strong compression, allowing for relatively small downloads of even the most complete packages

    • Automatic backup: It is not necessary to re-flash Google Apps when you flash a ROM update. Most ROMs support this (addon.d) function

    • The installer checks your device’s capabilities, like the system partition size. It will notify you, before making any changes, if it finds any problems

    • Several package variations, from a Google Super Package (includes all applications that ever shipped on a Google device), to a Stock package that equals the set of applications found on the most current and complete Nexus, to smaller, minimalist packages and an AROMA package that allows graphically selection of what to install

    • A special ‘for Stock ROM’ installation mode that allows to update the Google Apps on Stock ROMs that conform to the original Google Nexus filesystem structure

    • Take note that Open GApps does not provide you with any license for Google’s APKs included in the package. The Open GApps packages merely provide a convenient way to sideload APKs to your device. It is your own responsibility to obtain the proper permissions by e.g. buying an OHA-licensed device with pre-installed Google Apps and/or acquiring the applications fromGoogle’s Play Store.
The pre-built packages from are provided ONLY as courtesy by without warranty of ANY kind, under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not allowed to be mirrored to the public other than

Changelog & Co


DU TBO (Dirty Unicorns - Team Black Out) GAPPS

They include
Google Calendar
Google Inbox
Play Music
Google Now Launcher
Multi DPI Play Store
Google Now*
Google Plus*

*Not themed

Updated: Google Plus, YouTube, Google Now, Play Music and GMS

Added: TBO updater app

Both Gapps Link This


Official Slim GApps & BETA

Official Slim GApps & BETA
Resurrection Remix® - Community - Google+


The purpose of this thread is to provide a dedicated discussion area for Slim GApps so we can monitor and correct gapps-related issues more quickly before moving the packages from beta to stable, and also to provide users with the means to customize and build their own gapps packages from "source." Enjoy, and thanks for choosing Slim!


"multi-dpi" refers to the hacks that needed to be performed on several Google apps so that the Play Store would not omit search results. This only applies to users who change the lcd_density property in their build.prop to a nonstandard value. If you're not using a custom DPI, this does not apply to you.
To gain multi-dpi support, flash the MULTI_DPI add-on package over top of the (zero, mini, normal, full) gapps package of your choice.

note: file sizes and checksums that are displayed on the mirror download pages may not be accurate. when you download a gapps package (<package_name>.zip), please refer to the file size and checksums listed inside the checksum file (<package_name>.checksum) associated with your package.
*TRDS development is temporarily put on hold (for both 4.4 and 5.0 gapps) while we work to bring TRDS functionality to SlimLP and current app versions. Your patience is appreciated. In the meantime, if you find Google's light material UI to be absolutely unbearable and don't own a dark enough pair of sunglasses, you can try TeamBlackOut's Blacked Out Apps. These guys work tirelessly to bring darkness to your favorite android applications (not just google apps), and although they don't offer the light/dark UI switching like TRDS does, they should satisfy your needs for the time being.[/LEFT]


twistedGApps by letmedanz
twistedGApps includes:
Danko's mini +
GenieWidget (News & Weather)
Google plus
Text-to-speech (think it's required for Maps)
Some tts files
Some usr files

twistedGApps by letmedanz

twistedGApps by letmedanz

Twisted_GApps_5.1_20150409 has been released! This is the first build and is based off SlimLP GApps by +Daniel Koman This is basically the full version minus FaceLock, talkback, Exchange Services, calendar sync adapter (it includes the Google Calendar), GenieWidget, GoogleHome, Messenger (i use Hangouts exclusively), and Translate.

Other apps may be added or removed as the discussion warrants or the users need.

Let me know what you think! Hope you enjoy!


hoppySLIM Gapps by inffy
- hoppySLIM_full_gapps
- hoppySLIM_mini_gapps
- hoppySLIM_normal_gapps


GAPPs - DHO - Built for Vanir


Cyanogen Gapps (arm + arm64 + x86)

CM 12.1
Download (arm + arm64 + x86) @ GitHub


TK GApps by TKruzze
GAPPS][5.1.x] Up-to-Date GOOGLE APPS (TK GApps)
This is the official continuation of the original PA GApps project from the original PA GApps Developers
All packages should work fine on any 32-bit custom Android 5.1.x ROM
Frequently updated Google Apps: Packages are updated regularly - generally on weekends
All apps are untouched, we do not change or modify Googles' applications but deliver them as-is
Automatic Backup: It is not necessary to re-flash GApps or modules when you flash a ROM update. Most ROM's support this function
All installers measure your device's system partition size and will notify you, BEFORE making any changes, if it finds any problems
We offer several variations from a Google Stock Package (based on what Google ships on Nexus devices) to smaller, minimalist packages
All packages can be customized to your individual preferences using our exclusive Advanced Features and Options
A recent version of TWRP Recovery is highly recommended for installing TK GApps.
* * * * Support will not be provided for other Recovery types * * * *
READ Post #3 BEFORE posting a support request. 97% of questions are answered there
Alle Pakete zum Download @ xda >>






Google Apps Pack ARM64 Full & DU Mini

Google Apps Pack zip with ARM64 optimised apps!!ZV12gCTA!h7MfGh0S3jnZL4T_7XO98UfVWZ7mD47ahGqGMVZ6xqg

DU Mini Gapps -


Slim Gapps BETA ARM64


AICP Gapps


Delta Gapps With Modular Addons (All DPI)

Link zum AFH Ordner von DELTADROID
Folgende Gapps sind dort zu finden:

    • CM11
    • CM12
    • Lollipop
    • Kitkat
    • Lollipop Gapps-addons

This thread is created to provide bugfix releases of the official CM11 and CM12 gapps found on

These base gapps packages for Kitkat and Lollipop will install the most currently available DPI specific version of Google Play Services, depending on the actual DPI of the device which is defined within /system/build.prop.

All of these packages are 32bit only.

All addon packages include backup scripts to automatically restore gapps after applying rom updates.

These base gapps packages will not replace any stock CM applications or libraries. Some of the provided addons will replace their equivalent stock CM application (see links below for more information).

These gapps packages are compatible with all resolution devices.

These base gapps package contains only the required core Google applications, framework and libraries (Google Play Services, Calendar Sync, Contacts Sync, and Google Play Store). All other Google apps can be installed from Play Store after installing the base gapps package. The gapps base packages can also be used with any combination of the add-ons below to save space on the system partition.




LP-GAPPS is an AROMA installer based on Slim GApps.
This package should work fine on any device running any AOSP based ROM (Android 5.0.x).

I'm trying to keep LP-GAPPS up-to-date with Slim GApps sources, which means I will push updates regularly.

BIG, BIG thanks to Slim Team for their GApps!

Apps to choose from:

    • Gmail
    • Hangouts
    • Talkback
    • FaceLock
    • Google News&Weather
    • Google Now Launcher
    • Google TTS
    • Google Keyboard
    • Google Music
    • Google Search
    • Youtube
    • Google Calendar
    • Chrome
    • Google Drive
    • Google Keep
    • Google Maps
    • Messenger
    • Google+
    • Google Street
    • Google Translate
    • Google Wallet
Core apps (aren't in choose list, but they are installed):

    • ConfigUpdater
    • ExchangeServices
    • GoogleBackupTransport
    • GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter
    • GoogleContactsSyncAdapter
    • GoogleFeedback
    • GoogleLoginService
    • GoogleOneTimeInitializer
    • GooglePartnerSetup
    • GoogleServicesFramework
    • Phonesky
    • PrebuildGmsCore
    • SetupWizard

If you don't select any app from AROMA Installer, then just core apps are installed (including Play Store app).
It's recommended to install on a fresh system partition(wipe system, flash ROM, flash GApps). User apps and data will remain untouched.
If you already installed LP-GAPPS, you can flash LP-GAPPS again to install/remove desired GAPPS.


    • Boot in custom recovery menu
    • Flash
    • Choose desired apps from AROMA
    • Reboot

Slim GApps


Slim GApps


Gapps @ APKMirror
Alternativ kann ich noch APK Mirror empfehlen! Dort kann man sich alle Gapps als einzelne apk´s downloaden.
Wer "bedenken" bei dieser Seite hat! Hier ein wenig Info:
Safety First Info @ AndroidPolice
Of course we're aware of the risks of running a site that provides downloads of user-uploaded content, particularly when that content will be installed on your device. To keep things safe, AP staff checks each APK that's uploaded to make sure it's the real deal. To ensure there's not been any tampering, we even have an automatic signature check that will ensure the app's signature matches with the original. Additionally, the MD5 and SHA1 values are presented to the user explicitly (along with useful compatibility info), just in case a download goes wrong.
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AP - Maskottchen
Apps und OP Update...

Google Apps Pack zip with ARM64 optimised apps + Euroskank CM12 Gapps + INFOS´s
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