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Hier eine Sammlung von kostenlosen & kostenpflichtigen CM Themes für das CM Theme Engine!

CM Theme Engine ist in folgenden ROM´s verfügbar:
CM, AICP, Vanir, BlissPop, CyanideL, Euphoria, Resurrection Remix, Screw'd, Validus, Team UB, Dirty Unicorns, Fusion, ParanoidAndroid, Mokee, Liquidsmooth, crDroid, FlexOS, AOSiP, Pure Nexus ...

Info von mir...
Ich habe nun mehrfach gelesen das manches CM11/12/13 Theme funktioniert... Joa das kann angehen... ABER eingeschränkt (HoloYolo oder sonst mit dabei).
Einfach ausprobieren und Berichten! :)

Info von den CM Dev´s zu dem neuen Themes Engine:
And so begins the journey with CM12 and the theme engine. Today we merged ~13,000+ lines of changes to CM12 for themes. Nightly builds after today should include the theme engine for you all to enjoy.

There are a few things I would like to point out.

1. Since Lollipop switched from holo to material styles, most, if not all, themes designed for CM11 won't look too great when applied on CM12, unless an app is still using the holo styles. Keep that in mind as you play around with your existing themes.

2. This one is extremely important to themers. Some themes may have bad .9.png images and if that is the case the theme will no longer work. We were a bit lenient with this situation in CM11 but due to major changes in the way aapt works we can no longer afford to be lenient. If your theme no longer shows up or it won't install, check logcat to see why. Most likely it will be a bad or malformed ninepatch. (see attached screenshot of what you'll see if a bad theme is on your device)

3. Another one for theme designers. Currently you cannot have a theme that is designed for CM12 and CM11. This is an issue with CM11 not knowing what to do with assets such as vector drawables. I'm looking into a possible patch for CM11 but there will be no guarantee that a user will take the update and they may still experience issues with your theme so please keep this in mind. The play store will allow you to submit an apk that is targeting CM12 instead of CM11 and it will provide the end user with the correct version.

4. And another for you theme designers ;). When designing a theme for CM12, you will need to make sure you specify a targetSdkVersion="21" in your <uses-sdk> tag. This will let the system know that it was designed for CM12 and not CM11. We will be updating the template in the coming days so you can use that as a reference.

5. Play around and let us know what you think!

Forgot to mention that we dropped support for themes based on the T-Mobile theme engine.


Preview Video zum CM12 Theme Engine


Eine wirklich tolle DIY (Do-it-yourself) App zum selbst Themen!

Theme DIY @ g+
Google Play Store + BETA (g+ community)

Anleitungen, FAQ´s, Vorlagen und vieles mehr >>


CM12 Getting Started on Theming by @nicholaschum
Theme Lollipop with Ease Guide by @Vivek_Neel

CM12 Theme Engine Template by @nicholaschum

CM12 Theme Engine Template by @Annex1

CM12 DIY Theme Creator Official Thread by spacellama

[VIDEO] How to Create CM12 Theme on Android by Aaron Schmidt
[VIDEO] Create your own CM12 Theme by TechnoStuff
[VIDEO] How to make CM12 Theme Under 2 Minutes by AndroidHacks101
Screenshot_20160129-194032.png Screenshot_20160129-194037.png Screenshot_20160129-194040.png Screenshot_20160129-194050.png Screenshot_20160129-194128.png Screenshot_20160129-194140.png Screenshot_20160129-194146.png Screenshot_20160129-194149.png Screenshot_20160129-194213.png Screenshot_20160129-194229.png Screenshot_20160129-194234.png Screenshot_20160129-194247.png Screenshot_20160129-194254.png Screenshot_20160129-194258.png Screenshot_20160129-194306.png Screenshot_20160129-194306.png Screenshot_20160129-194328.png Screenshot_20160129-194338.png Screenshot_20160129-194352.png Screenshot_20160129-194357.png Screenshot_20160129-194408.png Screenshot_20160129-194423.png Screenshot_20160129-194427.png Screenshot_20160129-194444.png
Screenshot_2015-02-14-01-09-12.png Screenshot_2015-02-14-01-09-17.png Screenshot_2015-02-14-01-09-21.png Screenshot_2015-02-14-01-09-25.png Screenshot_2015-02-14-01-09-30.png Screenshot_2015-02-14-01-09-35.png

cm theme rebuilder (1).png

CM Theme Rebuilder

Dirty Flash & Co ftw!
Die experimentierfreudigen unter uns werden es nachvollziehen....
Eure rom/theme spinnt nach update oder wechsel »» Ein "fix" ist nur einen touch entfernt.

Beta App» Google Play Store + BETA (g+ community)

unnamed (9).png

An asset replacement manager for Cyanogen Themes
Arcus is an asset replacement manager for Cyanogen themes. With Arcus, themers can provide custom configurations of their themes which can be built via Arcus on the device itself. We have seen many themes that bundle multiple apks in a single theme/apk to provide several color variants of the theme. Arcus is specifically developed to circumvent this practice, however, not limited to it (Read more on below linked Github page).

Github - How to add Arcus support to your theme
Download from Google Play Store
g+ Commu
Screenshot_20160403-023437.png Screenshot_20160403-023415.png Screenshot_20160403-023422.png Screenshot_20160403-023502.png Screenshot_20160402-235053.png Screenshot_20160402-235058.png Screenshot_20160402-235048.png

Nun kommen wir zu den Themes »»

Kostenlose Themes
Legende für Display Größen/Auflösung >>

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Material [Chummy Development - nicholaschum]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Material Regression+ [Chummy Development - nicholaschum]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Material Colors [Chummy Development - nicholaschum]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blacked Out [Chummy Development - nicholaschum]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blacked Out Regression+ [Chummy Development - nicholaschum]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Slimmed Dark Material [Chummy Development - nicholaschum]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Slimmed Blacked Out [Chummy Development - nicholaschum]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Azura [Chummy Development - nicholaschum]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Dark Orange [Chummy Development - Fahad Ali Javed]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Dark Indigo [Chummy Development - Fahad Ali Javed]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Dark Red [Chummy Development - Khizar]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Dark Blue [Chummy Development - Khizar]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Light Blue [Chummy Development - Khizar]Annex1

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Blue [R3Ds]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Red [R3Ds]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Green [R3Ds]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim GoogleGray [R3Ds]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Purple [R3Ds]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Cocoa Brown [R3Ds]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Teal [R3Ds]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Pink [R3Ds]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Amber [R3Ds]Annex1

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Avengers [Pro7 Studio]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Iron Man [Pro7 Studio]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Captain America [Pro7 Studio]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Thor [Pro7 Studio]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Hulk [Pro7 Studio]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Hawkeye [Pro7 Studio]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] BlackWidow [Pro7 Studio]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Elegant Purple [Pro7 Studio]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Sci-Fi [Pro7 Studio]Annex1

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Green [nofx161]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Cyan [nofx161]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Purple [nofx161]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Holo [nofx161]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Blue [nofx161]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Red [nofx161]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Gold [nofx161]Annex1
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban PasteLime [nofx161]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Black [vikasb32]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Green [vikasb32]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Red [vikasb32]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Blue [vikasb32]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Purple [vikasb32]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Dark Blue [vikasb32]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Dark Green [vikasb32]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Midnight [Tazzkiller]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Midnight Alizarin [Tazzkiller]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Midnight Amethyst [Tazzkiller]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Midnight Carrot [Tazzkiller]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Midnight Lunar [Tazzkiller]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Midnight River [Tazzkiller]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Midnight Sky [Tazzkiller]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Infamous [Infamous Productions]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black [Infamous Productions]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Pink [Infamous Productions]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Purple [Infamous Productions]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue [Infamous Productions]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Java [Infamous Productions]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Espresso [Infamous Productions]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Darkness [singharts]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Semi-Trans [singharts]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Orange Blue [singharts]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Water [singharts]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Purple [singharts]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cyanpiness [singharts]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Circle Stock [singharts]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] FiColor Dark [Nguyen Ngoc Giap]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] O.M.D [Nguyen Ngoc Giap]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] O.M.D Red [Nguyen Ngoc Giap]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] FBUI [Nguyen Ngoc Giap]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Teal UI [Nguyen Ngoc Giap]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] H2UI [Nguyen Ngoc Giap]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] LGG4 [Nguyen Ngoc Giap]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DeepDarkness [moelle]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DeepDarkness Dotted ADDON [moelle]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Lucky [moelle]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black Octopus [moelle]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Project Black [moelle]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DeepDarkness Plain [moelle]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DeepDarkness Overhauled [moelle]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Turquoise [No Name]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark R Color [No Name]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Orange Minimal Dark [No Name]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] RediRose [No Name]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Salt N' Pepper [No Name]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] No Name [No Name]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Purple Material Design [xdagee]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] XDA Golden Edition [xdagee]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] y'ELL [xdagee]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Glo Light [xdagee]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Half Life [xdagee]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PS [xdagee]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Xperia Blue [MasDergiL]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Xperia Green [MasDergiL]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Xperia Pink [MasDergiL]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Xperia Purple [MasDergiL]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Xperia Red [MasDergiL]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Xperia Yellow [MasDergiL]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Hurricane [Siddhésh Patil]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Rust [Siddhésh Patil]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Saturn [Siddhésh Patil]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dragonfly [Siddhésh Patil]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Damselfly [Siddhésh Patil]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Green [Wartle.S]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Blue [Wartle.S]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Teal [Wartle.S]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Gold [Wartle.S]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Red [Wartle.S]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Lazy Dark [CriGio]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Lazy White [CriGio]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dell Green [CriGio]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Circle Green [CriGio]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Bianco [CriGio]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Mianogen [tung91]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Holo Sense 6 [tung91]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Xperia [tung91]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] G3 Lollipop [tung91]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MIUI 6 [tung91]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark F Material [bulletproof136]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Light F Material [bulletproof136]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] XperiaPOP Light [bulletproof136]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] XperiaPOP Dark [bulletproof136]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Lynx [CD Team]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Elixir [CD Team]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Alchemy [CD Team]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dioptase [CD Team]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Darker Green [Grasshopper239]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Darker Red [Grasshopper239]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Tenebris [Grasshopper239]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Crimson White & Indigo [Grasshopper239]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Tiger Eyes [thoughtlesskyle]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gemini [thoughtlesskyle]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Red Eye [thoughtlesskyle]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Roam [thoughtlesskyle]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Yellow [andrewwright]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Yellow Light [andrewwright]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Twilight [andrewwright]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Tango [andrewwright]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Sense 7 [Nguyen Anh Nguyen]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Galaxy S6 [Nguyen Anh Nguyen]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MeiMi [Nguyen Anh Nguyen]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Simple UI [Nguyen Anh Nguyen]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] OnePlus One [ELS Design]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Xperia Z4 [ELS Design]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gingerbread 2.3 [ELS Design]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] JellyBean 4.3 [ELS Design]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Green [Blackball]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] White Theme [Blackball]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Theme [Blackball]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Silver Theme [Blackball]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] ArgonOS [Flowrome]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] FlatSpire [Flowrome]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cambrie [Flowrome]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Pardenne [Flowrome]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cemani [aldiandrew]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Buntu [aldiandrew]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Insomnia [aldiandrew]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Fix It [aldiandrew]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Morphiz [Gustavo F. Santos]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Vault [Gustavo F. Santos]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Vault MMB [Gustavo F. Santos]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Teal [Libby Z]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Tangerine [Libby Z]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] OnePlus [Libby Z]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Holo [93Akkord]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Holo Red [93Akkord]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Holo Green [93Akkord]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gem Flat [xIC-MACIx]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gem Emerald [xIC-MACIx]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gem Ruby [xIC-MACIx]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Elixium UI [Zyxxeil]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Zyxx UI [Zyxxeil]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Milos UI [Zyxxeil]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Rozetked [AmirG4]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cosmos [AmirG4]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Hexagon [AmirG4]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] 3Minit [pas2001]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Red&Gold [pas2001]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MOS [pas2001]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Red Devil [superchandan007]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cyanogen Blue [superchandan007]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cyanogen Orange [superchandan007]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] LCKY [error404]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cumulus [error404]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] INFLUENCE [error404]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Papper [Zappy Studio]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] White Papper [Zappy Studio]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flinch [Zappy Studio]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] The Black N Blue [Sudhanshu Srivastav]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] The Indigo [Sudhanshu Srivastav]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Red and Black [Sudhanshu Srivastav]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Ash [CynosureArts]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Esper [CynosureArts]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Graphi [CynosureArts]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Salt & Pepper [Tekhclique]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] BlueBerry [Tekhclique]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dragon [Tekhclique]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] FLAT Color [TIBOLS]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Lobit [TIBOLS]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] BBX [TIBOLS]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Green In White [ProjectNDZ]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Red In White [ProjectNDZ]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] HexagonBlue [ProjectNDZ]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Sense 7 [Baranov Group]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Play Colors [Baranov Group]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Carbon [Baranov Group]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MIUI V7 [WSTeams]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Galaxy S6 [WSTeams]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] LG G4 [WSTeams]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Side of Lollipop [franzyroy & side]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Side of Orange [franzyroy & side]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black Side [franzyroy & side]ungültiger LinkNEW

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Quantum Material [Quarttz Impress]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Mind [Quarttz Impress]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] CM12/RR/LS Red [Neel World]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] CM12/RR/LS Cyan [Neel World]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Monisious [@ssasin.monish]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] BloodyRed Night [@ssasin.monish]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/H/*/*] Dark Grey with Red [T-Rex]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/H/*/*] Material Mustard [T-Rex]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] CYANide [markbencze]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Hydra [markbencze]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Jolly B&W [Madhusudan Rankawat]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Jolly Blue [Madhusudan Rankawat]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Elegance Aqua [Elegance Team]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Elegance Bordeaux [Elegance Team]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Accents [lacoursiere18]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dappled [lacoursiere18]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blak Azure [cerj]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blu X [cerj]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] TouchWiz Style [Damian Pieczyrak]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Sense 6 [Damian Pieczyrak]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MaterialX Lime [Varun Date]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MaterialX Blue [Varun Date]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Colors [NITIN VAID]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Fire [NITIN VAID]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] REBEL Droid [Bakumatsu]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gray Wolf [Bakumatsu]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Slimified [Fahad Ali Javed]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] AquaMarine [Fahad Ali Javed]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] J Blue Ice [JohnMcW Apps]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] J Theme Transmogrifier [JohnMcW Apps]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Simple Dark Cyan [Simbilli Dev]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Fresh Theme [Simbilli Dev]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Material Red & Yellow [Aswath Kumar]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Virtue [Aswath Kumar]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] GreenPop [Douglas Gomes]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] RedPop [Douglas Gomes]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Galaxy S6 Touchwiz [Mouaz Kaadan]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Xperia Z4 Lollipop [Mouaz Kaadan]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] BlueUI [rohitbeing2709]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] SpiWeb [rohitbeing2709]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Color [huunam0241]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MIOS [huunam0241]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Corner UI [Vishnhav]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Corner UI [Vishnhav]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Saviz (PINK) [Sarvesh Geetha]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Tamizhanda (ORANGE) [Sarvesh Geetha]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Ortox [Android Bandits]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Strix [Android Bandits]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Material [Droid Chef]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Ripple [Droid Chef]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Ruddy [zTweaked]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Paradox [zTweaked]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Diamond [Vogt]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Diamond [Vogt]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] AOSP DarkMTRL [BreakCore_Rush]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Camo MTRL [BreakCore_Rush]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Uranium UI [CyTech]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] S6 Remix [CyTech]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gradient [Bork3Design]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gradient Pink [Bork3Design]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] ColorfulFlatUI [Daniel Schott]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DarkElegantBlue [Daniel Schott]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] SolidAlpha [Kohlewrrk]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Outlite [Kohlewrrk]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Melior UI [Jahir Fiquitiva]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Melior UI Legacy [Jahir Fiquitiva]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blarette [Blinqdroid]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] INDIA [Blinqdroid]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PopUI [POP DESIGNS]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PopUP [POP DESIGNS]ungültiger Link

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Florid [OrionDroids]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Zeal-Blue [OrionDroids]ungültiger LinkNEW

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] OceanLay [Lars Wachter]ungültiger Link
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Brownbear [Lars Wachter]ungültiger LinkNEW

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AP - Maskottchen

Kostenpflichtige Themes + PlayStore Links zu den Theme Dev's

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Madhusudan Rankawat @ Play Store

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Jolly B&W (DONATE) [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black Denim [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] LOVE [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Capricorn [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Aquarius [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Pisces [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Aries [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Taurus [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gemini [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cancer [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Leo [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Virgo [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Libra [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Scorpio [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Sagittarius [Madhusudan Rankawat]

Droid Chef @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Funky Material [Droid Chef]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Black Blue [Droid Chef]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Clean UI Colors [Droid Chef]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Fresh UI Colors [Droid Chef]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Concept Sense 7 [Droid Chef]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Pure Purple [Droid Chef]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Glow [Droid Chef]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neat [Droid Chef]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Minimal White Pink [Droid Chef]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cool Blue [Droid Chef]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Red Velvet [Droid Chef]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Lime Pie [Droid Chef]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Smoky Stripes [Droid Chef]

Nucleoid @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/H/*/*] CM12 Red Pop [Nucleoid]
[XXX/XX/X/H/*/*] CM12 Blue Pop [Nucleoid]
[XXX/XX/X/H/*/*] CM12 Violet Pop [Nucleoid]
[XXX/XX/X/H/*/*] CM12 Green Pop [Nucleoid]
[XXX/XX/X/H/*/*] CM12 Orange Pop [Nucleoid]
[XXX/XX/X/H/*/*] CM12 Red Kojak [Nucleoid]
[XXX/XX/X/H/*/*] CM12 Blue Kojak [Nucleoid]
[XXX/XX/X/H/*/*] CM12 Violet Kojak [Nucleoid]
[XXX/XX/X/H/*/*] CM12 Green Kojak [Nucleoid]
[XXX/XX/X/H/*/*] CM12 Orange Kojak [Nucleoid]

BigDX @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] JB Extreme [BigDX]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] JB Extreme White [BigDX]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] JB Extreme Red [BigDX]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] JB Extreme Pink [BigDX]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] JB Extreme Green [BigDX]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] JB Extreme Blue [BigDX]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] JB Extreme Yellow[BigDX]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] JB Extreme Purple [BigDX]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] JB Extreme Orange [BigDX]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] reNu Hot Pink [BigDX]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] reNu Lust Red [BigDX]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] reNu Neon Green [BigDX]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] reNu Material Blue [BigDX]

nofx161 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Green (DONATE) [nofx161]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Cyan (DONATE) [nofx161]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Purple (DONATE) [nofx161]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Holo (DONATE) [nofx161]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Blue (DONATE) [nofx161]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Red (DONATE) [nofx161]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Gold (DONATE) [nofx161]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban PasteLime (DONATE) [nofx161]

thirdeyeDesigns @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/H/M/*] Golden [thirdeyeDesigns]
[XXX/XX/X/H/M/*] Cyan [thirdeyeDesigns]
[XXX/XX/X/H/M/*] Azzurro [thirdeyeDesigns]
[XXX/XX/X/H/M/*] Lemon [thirdeyeDesigns]
[XXX/XX/X/H/M/*] Verde [thirdeyeDesigns]
[XXX/XX/X/H/M/*] Rose [thirdeyeDesigns]
[XXX/XX/X/H/M/*] Carrot [thirdeyeDesigns]

TheRealBigJake @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black MTRL Blue [TheRealBigJake]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black MTRL BlueGrey [TheRealBigJake]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black MTRL Orange [TheRealBigJake]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black MTRL Red [TheRealBigJake]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black MTRL Green [TheRealBigJake]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black MTRL Pink [TheRealBigJake]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black MTRL Purple [TheRealBigJake]

Infamous Productions @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Infamous (DONATE) [Infamous Productions]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black (DONATE) [Infamous Productions]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Pink (DONATE) [Infamous Productions]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Purple (DONATE) [Infamous Productions]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue (DONATE) [Infamous Productions]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Java (DONATE) [Infamous Productions]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Espresso (DONATE) [Infamous Productions]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Lime [Infamous Productions]

Yash Kirti Patel @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black & Blue [Yash Kirti Patel]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] White & Red [Yash Kirti Patel]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Transparent UI [Yash Kirti Patel]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Holo Green [Yash Kirti Patel]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] GalaxyS5/Touchwiz [Yash Kirti Patel]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blues [Yash Kirti Patel]

Goddly @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Theme Under Glass [Goddly]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Theme Under Glass Holo [Goddly]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Theme Under Glass Pink [Goddly]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Theme Under Glass Teal [Goddly]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Theme Under Glass Red [Goddly]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Theme Material Glass [Goddly]

Gianluca Spadazzi @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Teal Hole [Gianluca Spadazzi]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Shade [Gianluca Spadazzi]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Red Shade [Gianluca Spadazzi]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Green Shade [Gianluca Spadazzi]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Orange Shade [Gianluca Spadazzi]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Magenta Shade [Gianluca Spadazzi]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Transparent Material [Gianluca Spadazzi]

CD Team @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Lynx (DONATE) [CD Team]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Elixir (DONATE) [CD Team]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Alchemy (DONATE) [CD Team]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dioptase (DONATE) [CD Team]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Clever [CD Team]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Deimos [CD Team]

singharts @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Circle Blue [singharts]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Circle BlacknWhite [singharts]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Devil Knight [singharts]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Moon Light [singharts]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cyanpiness (DONATE) [singharts]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Circle Stock (DONATE) [singharts]

Siddhésh Patil @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Saffron [Siddhésh Patil]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Hurricane (DONATE) [Siddhésh Patil]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Rust (DONATE) [Siddhésh Patil]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Saturn (DONATE) [Siddhésh Patil]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dragonfly (DONATE) [Siddhésh Patil]

Blinqdroid @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blarette (DONATE) [Blinqdroid]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Glow [Blinqdroid]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Glow Red [Blinqdroid]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Glow Green [Blinqdroid]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MIUI V6 [Blinqdroid]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Shades [Blinqdroid]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Vibrance [Blinqdroid]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Vibrance Light [Blinqdroid]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MIUI V6 Dark [Blinqdroid]

ted77usa @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] XKrome Ruby [ted77usa]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] XKrome Sapphire [ted77usa]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] XKrome Onyx [ted77usa]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] XKrome Emerald [ted77usa]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] XKrome Amethyst [ted77usa]

TeamCarbon @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] SteelBlue [TeamCarbon]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] SunsetOrange [TeamCarbon]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] ElectricCyan [TeamCarbon]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] BloodRed [TeamCarbon]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DeepPurple [TeamCarbon]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PoisonGreen [TeamCarbon]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PhenomPink [TeamCarbon]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] LiquidGold [TeamCarbon]

Neel World @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] CM12/RR/LS Red (DONATE) [Neel World]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] CM12/RR/LS Cyan (DONATE) [Neel World]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] CM12/RR/LS Blue [Neel World]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] CM12/RR/LS Teal [Neel World]

Tylenol @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Emerald Cyan [Tylenol]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] FloatAction (DONATE) [Tylenol]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Mint [Tylenol]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] *SecPop [Tylenol]

Brotech @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blackened [Brotech]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Deep Orange [Brotech]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] BloodMoon [Brotech]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] The Real Black [Brotech]

Simbilli Dev @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Touchwiz S5 [Simbilli Dev]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Touchwiz S6 [Simbilli Dev]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Sense 7 [Simbilli Dev]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Sense 7 Nimbus [Simbilli Dev]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] LG Lollipop [Simbilli Dev]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Simple Dark Cyan [Simbilli Dev]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Simple Light Cyan [Simbilli Dev]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Square Theme [Simbilli Dev]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Fresh Theme (DONATE) [Simbilli Dev]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Sense 7 Origami [Simbilli Dev]

Grak Designs @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] L-Rose [Grak Designs]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] L-Rose Blue [Grak Designs]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Rose UI [Grak Designs]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Phantom [Grak Designs]

CriGio @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Bianco [CriGio]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Circle Green [CriGio]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dell Green [CriGio]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Lazy White [CriGio]

Libby Z @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Teal (DONATE) [Libby Z]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] OnePlus (DONATE) [Libby Z]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Merlot [Libby Z]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Breast Cancer Awareness [Libby Z]

Birds-Software Apps & Games @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Yuxor (DONATE) [Birds-Software Apps & Games]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Aurantiaco [Birds-Software Apps & Games]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dodeca [Birds-Software Apps & Games]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Elatior [Birds-Software Apps & Games]

thoughtlesskyle @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Tiger Eyes (DONATE) [thoughtlesskyle]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gemini (DONATE) [thoughtlesskyle]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Roam (DONATE) [thoughtlesskyle]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Red Eye (DONATE) [thoughtlesskyle]

DeNitE @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Crystallize [DeNitE]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Crystallize Pink [DeNitE]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Mosaic Tile Blue [DeNitE]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black Wood Blue [DeNitE]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black Leather Blue [DeNitE]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Basic Black N Blue [DeNitE]

No Name @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Transparent [No Name]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colorful UI [No Name]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] AzUre [No Name]

mlv @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] materiaL [mlv]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] materiaL Red [mlv]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] materiaL Indigo [mlv]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] ONYX [mlv]

Zyxxeil @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Elixium UI (DONATE) [Zyxxeil]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Zyxx UI (DONATE) [Zyxxeil]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Milos UI [Zyxxeil]

Idea Designs @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DarkOut [Idea Designs]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DarkOut Purple [Idea Designs]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DUSK [Idea Designs]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dazz [Idea Designs]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Britzer [Idea Designs]

93Akkord @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Holo (DONATE) [93Akkord]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Holo Red (DONATE) [93Akkord]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Holo Green (DONATE) [93Akkord]

xIC-MACIx @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gem Flat (DONATE) [xIC-MACIx]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gem Emerald (DONATE) [xIC-MACIx]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gem Ruby (DONATE) [xIC-MACIx]

rayford85 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flats [rayford85]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Snow Breeze [rayford85]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Rogue [rayford85]

VIVEK @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Minimal Line Light [VIVEK]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Minimal Line Style [VIVEK]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flatty Juse [VIVEK]

tung91 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Mianogen (DONATE) [tung91]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Holo Sense 6 (DONATE) [tung91]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Xperia (DONATE) [tung91]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] G3 Lollipop (DONATE) [tung91]

Themeloft @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] EveryBlue [Themeloft]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] EveryKink [Themeloft]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material X [Themeloft]

Drumdestroyer @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Tang [Drumdestroyer]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Empire [Drumdestroyer]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blacksmith [Drumdestroyer]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Redro [Drumdestroyer]

huunam0241 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Color (DONATE) [huunam0241]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Cartoons [huunam0241]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DARK MIOS [huunam0241]

matthew0776 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Rojo [matthew0776]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] House of Bluez [matthew0776]

markbencze @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] CYANide (DONATE) [markbencze]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Hydra (DONATE) [markbencze]

m.i.n.a.r. @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Antares (DONATE) [m.i.n.a.r.]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Roanev [m.i.n.a.r.]

Elegance Team @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Elegance Orange [Elegance Team]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Elegance Bordeaux (DONATE) [Elegance Team]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Hexagon Edge [Elegance Team]

Epikur Prod @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PulseaLOP [Epikur Prod]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] FoxorLOP [Epikur Prod]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] VinewoodLOP [Epikur Prod]

Kriti Designs @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Satus [Kriti Designs]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Merzee [Kriti Designs]

NITIN VAID @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Colors (DONATE) [NITIN VAID]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Fire (DONATE) [NITIN VAID]

Wartle.S @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Green (DONATE) [Wartle.S]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Blue (DONATE) [Wartle.S]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Teal (DONATE) [Wartle.S]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Gold (DONATE) [Wartle.S]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Red (DONATE) [Wartle.S]

TechnoStuff @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Opposite Colours (DONATE) [TechnoStuff]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Win 10 [TechnoStuff]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Leather Wood [TechnoStuff]

Binod Ray @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Flat UI [Binod Ray]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Pitch Dark [Binod Ray]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Fresh [Binod Ray]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] myOS [Binod Ray]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gorgia (DONATE) [Binod Ray]

Darkion Avey @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Arrayies Cyan [Darkion Avey]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Arrayies Orange [Darkion Avey]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Arrayies Magenta [Darkion Avey]

pas2001 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] 3Minit (DONATE) [pas2001]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Red&Gold (DONATE) [pas2001]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MOS (DONATE) [pas2001]

bulletproof136 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] XperiaPOP Light (DONATE) [bulletproof136]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] XperiaPOP Dark (DONATE) [bulletproof136]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] XperiaPOP Z4 [bulletproof136]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors [bulletproof136]

Altan KRK (westcrip) @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PitchBlack Oceon [Altan KRK (westcrip)]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PitchBlack Aurora [Altan KRK (westcrip)]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PitchBlack SpaceGrey [Altan KRK (westcrip)]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PitchBlack Emerald [Altan KRK (westcrip)]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PitchBlack G-Cyan [Altan KRK (westcrip)]

JohnMcW Apps @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] J Blue Grey [JohnMcW Apps]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] J Blue Pink [JohnMcW Apps]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] J Blue Gold [JohnMcW Apps]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] J Blue Mint [JohnMcW Apps]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] J Blue Purple [JohnMcW Apps]

Bork3Design @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gradient (DONATE) [Bork3Design]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gradient TealGreen [Bork3Design]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gradient Pink [Bork3Design]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gradient Dark Orange [Bork3Design]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gradient Red [Bork3Design]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gradient Blue [Bork3Design]

napster113 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Darkness Theme [napster113]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Crigio Theme [napster113]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Vert Theme [napster113]

deuce_biggins @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Maximus Slate [deuce_biggins]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Maximus Blu [deuce_biggins]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Maximus Orange [deuce_biggins]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Maximus Green [deuce_biggins]

CyberScopes @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] ElectroBlast [CyberScopes]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] SmoothBlaze [CyberScopes]

moelle @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DeepDarkness (DONATE) [moelle]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Lucky (DONATE) [moelle]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black Octopus [moelle]

Quarttz Impress @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Mind (DONATE) [Quarttz Impress]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Below Zero [Quarttz Impress]

Dana Davis @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Eros (DONATE) [Dana Davis]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cards UI [Dana Davis]

Douglas Gomes @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] CyanPop [Douglas Gomes]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] OrangePop [Douglas Gomes]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Evolution [Douglas Gomes]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] RedPop (DONATE) [Douglas Gomes]

R3Ds @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Blue (DONATE) [R3Ds]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Teal (DONATE) [R3Ds]

thomassafca @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Galaxy S5 TW [thomassafca]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] HTC One Sense [thomassafca]

CanaroLab @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Different [CanaroLab]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Antiflat [CanaroLab]

Chummy Development - nicholaschum @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Material (DONATE) [Chummy Development - nicholaschum]

Lozone @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PiazzA [Lozone]

Fahad Ali Javed @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] AquaMarine (DONATE) [Fahad Ali Javed]

Luis Alonso Chavez Armendariz @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Colors [Luis Alonso Chavez Armendariz]

Letalbladetigre inc. @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Hybrid Blue [Letalbladetigre inc.]

AVN Arts @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Forto [AVN Arts]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Quadra-Lumin [AVN Arts]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Forto Light [AVN Arts]

Max Röhrl @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Rho [Max Röhrl]

Nguyen Anh Nguyen @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue [Nguyen Anh Nguyen]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] IOS8 [Nguyen Anh Nguyen]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Ubuntu [Nguyen Anh Nguyen]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blush [Nguyen Anh Nguyen]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Sense 7 (DONATE) [Nguyen Anh Nguyen]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MeiMi [Nguyen Anh Nguyen]

POP DESIGNS @ Play Store

Theme Creation @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Bluezy [Theme Creation]

wii360 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark and Blue (DONATE) [wii360]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] WiiMa NBC [wii360]

chadfran84 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Magna [chadfran84]

Haritsah Dany Fradika @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material LGUI [Haritsah Dany Fradika]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] ZenfoneUI [Haritsah Dany Fradika]

Dan Wright @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Ducat Gold [Dan Wright]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Imperial Red (Donate) [Dan Wright]

B16H22 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Matte (DONATE) [B16H22]

eurochild_dps @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MiniMaterial (DONATE) [eurochild_dps]

OldestBlackStone @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Troy UI [OldestBlackStone]

AKDesign @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Aquamarine [AKDesign]

RD-Design @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Square Blue [RD-Design]

BotsOne Labs @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DarkSide (DONATE) [BotsOne Labs]

Kohlewrrk @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] SolidAlpha (DONATE) [Kohlewrrk]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Coalified [Kohlewrrk]

semola @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Egipto [semola]

Thyrus @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DarkMTRL Thyrus [Thyrus]

Gustavo F. Santos @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Volcan [Gustavo F. Santos]

YAdesign @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Mono Charcoal [YAdesign]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Mono Powder [YAdesign]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] flatshadeUI [YAdesign]

blazze11 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Euphoria Dark (DONATE) [blazze11]

SEVEN @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Xeus Twilight (DONATE) [SEVEN]

Varun Date @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MaterialX Lime (DONATE) [Varun Date]

MicroApk @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] OS Dark Fusion (DONATE) [MicroApk]

Cristiano Matos @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] EVOLVED [Cristiano Matos]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] NotOnlyRed [Cristiano Matos]

The Burgoa @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MaterialUp [Victor Burgoa]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Vi Material Design [Victor Burgoa]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] CyanOS [Victor Burgoa]

MicroTechnology @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Sense 6 [MicroTechnology]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] TouchWiz S6 [MicroTechnology]

CyanDorman @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Steamworks Ultimate [CyanDorman]

David Vaz Guijarro @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Next UI [David Vaz Guijarro]

Tushar Pingle @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cycus UI [Tushar Pingle]

DS STUDIO @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Squared Material [DS STUDIO]

giannisgx89 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flux [giannisgx89]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flux White [giannisgx89]

polishchocolate @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] brwn. [polishchocolate]

AYSMAG @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Orion Blue [AYSMAG]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Blood [AYSMAG] NEW

B16H22 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Matte (DONATE) [B16H22]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Matte Series [B16H22]

cerj @ Play Store @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blak Azure (DONATE) [cerj]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blu X (DONATE) [cerj]

Android Bandits @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Ortox (DONATE) [Android Bandits]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Touchwiz S6 [Android Bandits]

CriGio @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Inverted Carbon [CriGio]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Inverted Marble [CriGio]

Piereligio @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DarkStockTheme [Piereligio]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] BlackStockTheme [Piereligio]

DJDarkknight @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Sprite [DJDarkknight]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] BlakKat [DJDarkknight]

scar45 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PCB Blue [scar45]

AmirG4 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Sense 7 [AmirG4]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Pure R [AmirG4]

Giordano Cristian @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Atomic Blue [Giordano Cristian]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Atomic Green [Giordano Cristian]

Aswath Kumar @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Virtue [Aswath Kumar]

Grace Pixels @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Trum [Grace Pixels]

Blackball @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DarkSilver [Blackball]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Green (DONATE) [Blackball]

Andrea Panico @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Skylime (DONATE) [Andrea Panico]

Primokorn @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] FirePop (DONATE) [Primokorn]

Frenchy Orlins Devteam @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] FullBlack [Frenchy Orlins Devteam]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MaterialRed [Frenchy Orlins Devteam]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] GreenGrass [Frenchy Orlins Devteam]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] CyanBlue [Frenchy Orlins Devteam]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PurpleJam [Frenchy Orlins Devteam]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PinkFlower [Frenchy Orlins Devteam]

Platyraptor Designs @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] BSC [Platyraptor Designs]

FedDiSte @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DarkColorized [FedDiSte]

dustinb @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cobalt Lollipop [dustinb]

Giulio Fagioli @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Lin [Giulio Fagioli]

Flowrome @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] OxOs [Flowrome]

Not Just Another Designer @ Play Store
XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Phlat [Not Just Another Designer]

Hug Bear Studio @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Voltare (DONATE) [Hug Bear Studio]

Vogt @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon [Vogt]

thegwfs @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] EX610CE [thegwfs]

OrionDroids @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Florid [OrionDroids]

SPAstef @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] ELEMENT [SPAstef]

Pixkart @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Levo [Pixkart]

rohitbeing2709 @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] BlueUI (DONATE) [rohitbeing2709]

Zyxxeil @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Carbon UI [Zyxxeil]

mz design @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Ample Cherry [mz design]

-Dude @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] D Theme [-Dude]

ProjectNDZ @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black In Red [ProjectNDZ]

Nguyen Ngoc Giap @ Play Store
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cleanly [Nguyen Ngoc Giap]

Official MEGA CM12 Theme Engine Thread
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AP - Maskottchen
...soooo bissl OP pflege betrieben... ;)

edit: @EdgA
Hab eben erst geplant das Dark Theme doppelt is :X3: dachte ist ein neues/anderes ... ich liebe Montage! :X3:

Neues Theme...
[Theme] [CM12 THEME ENGINE] BlissPOP | DEEPDARKNESS theme | 19 JAN 2015
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Wer es noch nicht gelesen hat, Veu , Fi etc. erhalten kein Update sondern müssen wieder gekauft werden... Ein Schelm wer böses denkt

Erstmal Elixium am laufen
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AP - Maskottchen
ThemeDIY App und OP Update (How to zur App) ... ;)

Update v0.2 is pushed (finally)
I just updated the app (play store and direct link). I'm also working on a tutorial (on this link[DLMURL][/DLMURL])

-Fixed color pickers not showing alpha sliders where they are supposed to do so.
-Enhanced the ability to disable third-party theming, allowing per app selection.
-UI enhancements and animations fixes.
-Added fonts section where you can add fonts to your theme. Use ttf fonts for now.
-Fixed the bug where the generated themes can’t be applied (related to devices with SD cards).
-Added description underneath each option.
-Added new section for notifications area (has many options, check them by yourself)
-Theme DIY can now generates a preview (still WIP) of your theme.
-Added theme’s name option (not what you’ve asked for, but it’s something)
-Added RU and ES translations (thanks to the translators!)

-Fixed the InCallUI crash (for real this time)
-Settings app now has colored action bar (dark template)
-Fixed bugs with keyboard.

Happy theming! And thanks for those who donated!

P.S.: please don't mirror the APK, use the direct link instead (because mirrored one won't be updated). I'll also delete bug reports of bugs that were fixed.

Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-21-33.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-22-37.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-23-13.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-23-49.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-21-16.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-22-29.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-23-35.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-23-17.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-23-29.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-23-02.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-23-43.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-23-53.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-21-12.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-23-32.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-21-27.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-21-52.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-22-35.png Screenshot_2015-02-01-02-21-22.png
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