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Chainfire war mal wieder fleißig und hat seine neue App [root] recently veröffentlicht, wie man auf seinem Google+ Account lesen konnte:

Vorweg sei gesagt, damit die App funktionieren kann, das Ihr Root-Rechte auf eurem Gerät benötigt. Zudem funktioniert es nur ab Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Was macht denn nun die App genau? -Mit Recently ist es möglich die Ansicht der letzten benutzten Apps zu modifizieren oder manipulieren. Die Anzeige zeigt ja immer alle irgendwann mal gestarteten oder benutzten Apps an, was auf Dauer sehr unübersichtlich wird. Genau hier setzt Chainfire's neue App Recently an und bietet Einstellungen für die Anzeige der letzten Apps an.


Unter Age limit tragt Ihr die gewünschte Laufzeit der letzten Apps ein, seitdem sie gestartet aber nicht noch einmal benutzt wurde.
Screenshot_2015-03-11-10-20-19 (Small).png

Weiter kann unter Entry limit die generelle maximale Anzahl der überhaupt angezeigten letzten Apps einstellt werden.
Screenshot_2015-03-11-10-21-48 (Small).png

Per In-App kann Recently auf die Pro-Version geupdatet werden. Mit der Pro-Version wird dann die App automatisch nach dem Bootvorgang gestartet.

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AP - Maskottchen
Recently updated to v1.10
I have just uploaded v1.10 to the Play store, which should start updating you over the next few hours. The impatient can grab the APK from XDA here: 7.0.93

There has been a lot more response to this little app than I had expected, as its just a little thing I primarily wrote for my own use. I've gone through a lot of the commentary on various sites, and this update should cover most of the reasonable requests, excluding primarily the true white/blacklist, which may or may not be coming in the future.

The age limit is now a slider with more options on the shorter end. Where 12 hours was previously the shortest option, now 1, 2, 3, and 6 hours have been added.

I've also added the option to make a 'Clear All' button show up in the recents view. It doesn't work on all devices (yet), though.

Another often spotted request was to do something about Google search results (from the search box and Google Now). Interestingly, on some devices this shows up a single card, and on other devices each search shows up as a separate card. If you "Ok Google" a lot, the latter can quickly become messy. Additionally, these results are often tied to the process of the launcher, and thus are always in the running state, until you reboot. This means the basic Recently options won't clear them by default. For this an option was added that allows you to limit the number of these cards that remain listed. I would advise against setting it to none and choose a low number instead, but it's up to you.

Personally I also hate seeing Settings in recents, as I always use another path to go there. So I added an option to remove that as well.

I've also added options to kill tasks and documents (browser tabs, search results, etc) when they become older than the set age limit. This is a fairly extreme measure to take, and I would generally advise against it, but there have been so many requests for this that I'll let you decide for yourself to use it or not.

Last but not least, Recently will no longer show up in recents itself, nor attempt to remove stale tasks that belong to the home, foreground or recents processes.

- Age limit is now a slider, with more (shorter) options
- Added option to show a clear all button (doesn't work on all devices)
- Added option to limit Google Search results in recents
- Added option to hide Settings app
- Added option to force remove stale tasks
- Added option to force remove stale documents
- The app itself no longer shows up in recents
- Never remove the home, recents or foreground tasks


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Dort Mund ;)
Schon wieder ein Update. ;)

Recently updated to v1.15

Just pushed to the Play Store, wait a few hours for it to propagate or grab the APK from XDA here: sparksco

Some minor fixes, a form of multi-user support (config as admin, works the same for all) and some CM specific fixes. Barring the discovery of any major issues, this should be the last update to Recently for some time.

Let it not be said (again...) that I never give any love to CM users. There was a bug in the service code which left the background process alive if using CM's su and you turned Recently off.

But the real reason I even looked at CM were the many requests to do something about the # symbol in the status bar when using Recently. Apparently it's a bit of an annoyance that the user can't turn off, and as the root process exists the entire time the app is activated, this means you'd always see the # symbol, and it loses all the usefulness you may think it has.

The work-around used is not very complex (though it did require more code changes than I generally expect doing on a Sunday), and it is only one of several ways it could be done. It does make you wonder though... What's worse than a security related indicator the user can't turn off? A security related indicator the user can't turn off that also doesn't reliably indicate the conditions you expect it to indicate.

- Workaround CM's # in statusbar
- Fix never quitting with CM's SU
- Multi-user support - works for all users, but with admin's config
- Fix settings screen margins on tablets

Other apps
As an aside, several of my recent root apps (and upcoming ones too) will keep a root shell open in the background during the app's lifetime, as it is both faster and generally more efficient than repeatedly creating a root shell, running one or two commands, closing the root shell, and doing it all over again seconds (or even minutes) later.

Ironically, these are the virtually the same reasons some argue against the use of Recently itself, though I maintain those arguments do not hold when none of the Advanced Recently settings are used, in any but the very worst case scenarios.

Anyway - those apps will show you the # as well - I do not foresee implementing this same work-around for most of them.

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