[AOSP/SAMMY-KERNEL] [ICS/Jelly Bean] Dorimanx [Dual-Boot]



Weder ich, noch Android-Port.de, übernehmen eine Garantie auf Erfolg, oder die Haftung für jegliche Beschädigungen an eurem Gerät. Wenn ihr nicht sicher seid, was ihr macht, könnt ihr hier gerne Fragen stellen, aber wenn ihr danach immer noch nicht genau wisst, was ihr tut: Lasst es bleiben!
Das wichtigste im Überblick:

-Cwm Recovery 6.xxxx
-Disabled cup Erase (keine Gefahr Brick Bug)
-Exynos Mem Bug ab 7.33 behoben
-BLN, Blnww
-Touch Gesture by Tungstwenty
-Undervolting, Overclock
-Slide 2 Wake by Fluxi
-Sound Boost by Fluxi
-S-Tweaks App </acronym>für alle Kernel Settings
-Faster Charging
-und viel mehr

Die Features im Detail

Kernel is updated to 3.1.Y and beyond.(hybrid)
This is ICS/JB Tuned Kernel only! not supporting any 2.x.x roms!
Dual CPU support
Default CPU governor: HYPER
Default CPU frequency: 200-1200 MHz (MAX OC up to 1.5Ghz speed!)
Kernel Support STweaks and 5 Profiles.
Overclocking to 1500 MHz. (via ANY CPU Tweak Apps or STweaks)
Kernel support 15 CPU steps! 1500Mhz->100Mhz by static default!
You can set MIN/MAX CPU Freq in STweaks app! + lots of CPU tweaks.
Kernel will sleep in deep sleep on 200Mhz->600Mhz as Samsung requesting to prevent SOD.
Support undervolt/overvolting via sysfs interface/apps interface. and STweaks (750-1500mV) (all set to best)
Be very careful with voltage settings! (all set already)
Default I/O Scheduling: ZEN
More I/O Scheduling present in kernel: DEADLINE, VR, NOOP, CFQ, BFQ V4, SIO,
Native USB Tethering.
Native Wi-Fi Tethering
File systems support: Ext3/4, FAT32, NFS, CIFS, NTFS
Added tweaks to increase I/O Speed.
Added tweaks to increase CPU speed
Removed all the debuggers to free kernel from unneeded jobs, and logs.
More Govs present, conservative, performance, luzactiveq, pegasusq, abyssplug, scary, ondemand(default sleep gov), sleepy.
ZRAM SWAP add more 150/300/600MB compressed RAM, activated by STweaks, set to off by default.
Tweak camera (better picks quality)
Kernel Include Siyah Recovery with Dual ROM support!
In Recovery you have section to select kernel profile. Performance, default, battery, the default is DEFAULT.
Kernel will Auto ROOT your device!
You can disable ROOT in STweaks app! (download from market!)
Tuned for I/O Mega Speed SQLite is injected to ROM after install, only for CM9 or AOKP and JB ROMS, will NOT be injected to MIUI/SAMMY ROMS.
BLN by GM! lights time out, and blink/breathing effect, see STweaks BLN tab to activate!
New Kernel Management app STweaks by GM! installed with kernel.
BLN without Wakelock to save battery when BLN active till timed out. by GM.
Touch Keys Light change with the screen brightness! by GM.
Massive script for kernel/ROM management made by Voku and me
It's will work by auto and set lots of tweaks: NET tweaks, GPU tweaks, CPU management, Deep Sleep Tuning, Charging states, and more!
It's name is cortexbrain-tune.sh
WE SAFE (MMC_CAP_ERASE not present) in kernel MMC Code!
MMC code merged with SAMMY Update 7
FM-RADIO WORKING! (you need Spirit FM PAID!!!!) or original ICS FM APP.
Touch screen color + touch thresholds are in STweaks,
Kernel Cleaning Script is build IN! by VOKU.
BT Support for SAMMY 4.0.4 ported by GM! + BT driver from SAMMY Update 7
Video(GPU) + Camera Driver from SAMMY Update 7 + patches
WIFI Driver 1.15.15 + SAMMY Update 7
Modem Driver from SAMMY Update 7
SMP Processor code updated from Kernel 3.6.Y
RCU + SRCU Processor code updated from Kernel 3.6.Y
Kernel Code for on screen gestures by Tungstwenty fixed by MARIO1968
EXT4 Code merged with lots of updates from 3.6.Y kernel
SLUB fully merged with 3.6.Y kernel
Memcontrol merged with 3.4.Y kernel.
VFP updated to MAX from 3.4.Y
Slide2Wake by FLUXI, (swipe from left to right on turned off screen to wakeup device, tweak can be turned on/off in STweaks, this mod use 5% battery! (Modded by GM for less battery drain)
Sound boost controls by FLUXI in STweaks.
New Mali Video Driver combined with old to support ICS + JB-Mail in one kernel by Gokhanmoral!
Added mdnie interface and made hardcore’s sharpness tweaks optional by GM!
5 GPU FREQ Steps from 62Mhz to 520Mhz by GM!

Download und wichtige Links


[DLMURL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1617219"][Kernel 3.1.Y][01 Dec] Dorimanx 7.26 ICS+JBMALI SGII 7 Platforms +Touch Recovery+ROOT - xda-developers']XDA Thread[/DLMURL]

Anleitung zum flashen eines Kernels gibt es hier

Wichtig!!! welchen Kernel muss ich für welche Rom bzw Android Version nehmen?

- Kernel ab 7.36 JB XXLSJ Leack + Android 4.2.1 Support

- Kernel ab 7.30 CM 10.1 Support unterstützt noch kein JB XXLSJ Leak</acronym> !

- Kernel 7.XX sind für ICS + JB-MALI Updated Video Driver ROMS!

- Kernels 5.XX sind für ICS + OLD JB not Updated MALI Video Driver ROMS!


Er kann kein Dualboot mit Jelly Bean Stock, zzt geht nur Dualboot mit JB mit neuen Mali Treibern, andere Kernel Version geht dann auch JB/ICS, aber nur die älteren JB Roms

Werde die Tage mal alles auf den neusten Stand bringen, bin zzt bisschen ausgebucht