[AOSP] Lollipopalooza (Android 5.0)


Nabend allerseits :)

möchte euch hier eine kleine aber feine Rom für euer Nexus 10 vorstellen. Diese basiert auf AOSP mit ein paar Änderungen.


Original Thread @ XDA​

1. Changelog

1. Updated to AOSP Android 5.0.0_r7 LRX21V
2. Movable navigation bar buttons (Settings > Display > Navigation Bar Position)
3. Volume rocker wake (Settings > Display > Volume rocker wake)
4. Volume rocker cursor control (Settings > Language & input > Volume key cursor control)
5. Native status bar battery percentage display (Settings > Display > Battery percentage)
6. Per-app keyguard/lockscreen notification controls (Settings > Sound & notifications > App notification)
7. Fixes and UX updates for clear-all recents
8. Android volume daemon and file system automount support updates (Added groundwork for NTFS, exFAT & EXT4 support)
9. OTG automount for NTFS partitions with R/W access
10. Support for TWRP recovery (updater script validates flounder or volantis)
11. Updated Google Apps Pack

1. Updated to AOSP Android 5.0.0_r6 LRX21T
2. Enabled AppOps (Settings > Apps > AppOps)
3. Advanced Power Menu (Shutdown, Advanced Reboot, Users, Sound, Airplane Mode, Settings, Lockdown)
4. Back button long-press kill app (Enable via Settings > Developer options > Kill app back button)
5. Custom device hostname (Change via Settings > Developer options > Device hostname)
6. Enabled Ambient display (Settings > Display > Ambient display)
7. Clear all recents (Credit 0xD34D)
8. Root-friendly stock kernel [IMPORTANT! This ROM is not rooted. In built root support will come soon. For now, please flash SuperSU or Superuser separately]
9. Tweaked ART flags
10. Proprietary audio configs from stock ROM
11. User triggered media scanner (Settings > Storage)
12. OTG USB storage automount to /storage/usbdisk with full R/W access (VFAT/FAT32 only) [IMPORTANT! This depends on the modified ramdisk included with this ROM boot image. You may lose this feature if you another boot image]
13. Updated MAC permissions (SELinux stuff)
14. Miscellaneous framework fixes and tweaks
15. Enabled Google Location Services
16. Fixed Google back/restore.
17. Added busybox
18. Enabled translucent navigation and status bars
19. Google Apps Pack zip with latest updated apps

2. Installation

  • Nexus 10 unlocked!
  • Aktueller Bootloader
  • Aktuellste CWM oder TWRP!
  • Wipe Data / Factory Reset
  • Wipe Cache / Dalvik
  • Rom flashen
  • GApps flashen!


  • Lollipopalooza Builds
  • GApps

Happy Flashing :D