[4.1.2][LSW] Revolution Rom [V.4]



und wieder eine nette kleine Sammy Rom, die Revolution inkl. Revolution Kernel. Sie basiert auf der Wanam, ist aber kleiner und komplett S4 / Note 3 themed (Toogles, Lockscreen etc.) :)

Aktuelle Version: Build 4 vom 18.9.2013

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• WanamLite XWLSW 14.6 Base with MS2 baseband
• Revolution Kernel 2.0 (kernel changelog in 2d post)
• Galaxy S4/Note 3 Real Lockscreen (with new flare effect dumped from S4 4.2.2 firmware)(apk thanks to 小D工作室)
• Theme ported from Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 on Touchwiz 4.2.2 rom
• Transparent S4 Style Multiwindows
• 4.2 Quick Toggles ported from 4.2 (re-orderable)
• Accellerometer Calibration (the ICS way)
• Galaxy S4 Style Tabbed Settings
• Galaxy s4 Video Player
• Galaxy s4 Stock Unlock pngs backported
• Galaxy s4 Music Player
• Galaxy Note 3 Keyboard
• Galaxy s4 Statusbar
• superlite & supersmooth (only 269mb)
• Ripple and Ink effect
• init.d tweaks
• build.prop tweaks
• speed and battery life tweaks
• Ink effect with infinite colors
• Edge zoom (toggleable)
• Xloud & Clearaudio+ for awesome audio quality
• Galaxy s4 Widgets
• Ported Galaxy Note 3 Launcher animations and look
• *Tweaked Launcher (speedup animation and removed shadow) to get better smoothness
• AOSP animations to get better fluidity
• Lots of other "under the hood" tweaks
• minfree tweaks


Screenshot_2013-10-07-13-24-33.png Screenshot_2013-10-07-13-24-43.png Screenshot_2013-10-07-13-24-55.png Screenshot_2013-10-07-13-25-09.png
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Build4 (18-09-2013)
• S4/Note 3 Lockscreen with original flare unlock (see F.A.Q for more)
• Galaxy Note 3 Launcher look-a-like

• Added 5 More Toggles (Motion,Camera,Battery,Sound,Display)
• You will get to the Quick Toggles if you swipe starting from the statubar clock
• Galaxy Note 3 Keyboard
• Speed Fixes
• S4 Settings now are in full S4 Style
• New Galaxy S4/Note 3 Clock Widget
• Galaxy Note 3 Wallpapers

Häufige Fragen

- Zum Ändern des Lockscreen Text, einfach im Lockscreen antippen und schreiben
- Falls der alte Lockscreen öfters auftraucht, unter Einstellungen -> My Device - S4/Note3 Lockscreen -> Disable Stock Lockscreen -> none
- Lockscrren Shortcuts / Einstellungen personalisieren: Einstellungen -> My Device -> S4/Note 3 Lockscreen


Wie immer einen Full Wipe durchführen und anschließend die Rom flashen. Updates einfach so drüber flashen, evtl Cache wipen. Die verschiedenen Mods werder auch ganz einfach über das Recovery geflasht.


Build 4 @ DevHost

Build 3 @ DevHost


Samsung Account : flash this http://d-h.st/gc0
Yahoo News in Lockscreen : http://d-h.st/vwN
Calendar Sync http://d-h.st/xm8
Stock Email App http://d-h.st/mS4
Grey Statusbar for build4 http://d-h.st/xg8
Stock Toggles (no 4.2) for Build4 http://d-h.st/1K2
Right To Left Languages Fix http://d-h.st/Uew
Emoticons in Notifications http://d-h.st/H3z
SPlanner Widgets Flashable zip http://d-h.st/zr9
Original Keyboard http://d-h.st/ANo

Sodele, Happy Flashing :D



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